Hungry Beast: Apr 6

Tonight’s Hungry Beast tackles the theme of ‘Faking It’ taking aim at everything from illicit drugs to US billionaires. Presumably those two are unrelated…

COUNTERFEIT MEDICINE: It’s been estimated that as much as 15 percent of medicines sold around the world are faked. This $75 billion dollar global industry is now almost the same size as the illicit drug business. These sophisticated fakes, created and distributed by organised crime, may not be a front-of-mind problem in highly regulated Australia, but elsewhere, they’re killing people. Kirsten Drysdale reports.

FAKE QUALIFICATIONS: The internet has made it much easier to score yourself bogus titles and degrees. Lewis Hobba and Scott Mitchell set out to find just how over-qualified a person can become in a day.

THE BEAST FILE: THE KOCH BROTHERS: This week the Beast File turns its gaze on billionaire American industrialists the Koch Brothers, who have interests in Australia – they own Lycra and Stainmaster carpets, among many other things. The oil magnate Kochs have a long and fascinating history of funding and founding lobby groups that support climate change denial.

Plus regular Hungry Beast segments: Vox Pops, Follow The Money and Stuff Said.

Join Monique Schafter, Dan Ilic, Kirsten Drysdale and Nick Hayden at 9:30pm on ABC1.


  1. Well it’s certainly improved a lot. I haven’t looked at the breakdowns but I think it will appeal to younger audiences and that’s a good thing. Shame it is so low in the ratings but I think they took so long to improve it that a lot of people had made up their minds. The Twitter ads on ABC are in my opinion awful. Why would I want to watch something just because a few people on Twitter like it? You could find people on Twitter who like almost anything.

  2. This shows not perfect but it craps all over most offerings on the commercial channels, the only ‘fun’ current affairs program that comes close is the 7pm Project which i feel has really improved over the last yr. Personally i like the graphics & skits & the slight smugness is somehow refreshing because its from young people not a bunch of old farts like on 60 Minutes.

  3. It’s certainly better. I watched it tonight but I just still find something about it a little smug. Also there is so little time to do each story that it feels like I’m only getting a rundown I could just as easily get from a blog or a website. If they ditched the skits all together and cut down on some of the motion graphics it night feel a bit less like a media studies show reel. Using a theme certainly makes the episodes hang together a lot mor than it used to.

  4. @Alistair utterly brilliant. Proper journalism.

    It’ll be sad when we seem them on Today Tonight or A Current Affair doing dodgy builder stories to pay the bills in future 😉

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