James Mathison to co-host Logies Red Carpet Arrivals

Former Australian Idol co-host James Mathison will be back on the box on Logies night as one of four hosts on Nine’s Red Carpet Arrivals.

He will be joined by Shelley Craft, Livinia Nixon and Jules Lund.

Nine’s broadcast will begin at 7:30pm Sunday May 1st, head to head with the premiere of MasterChef Australia.

It’s been some time since we’ve seen Mathison on our screens, after some early appearances on The 7PM Project, originally touted as the show’s sports commentator.

Source: news.com.au


  1. James Mathison is a million times better than Richard Wilkins so it was a good move by Nine. However, it’s channel Nine so questionable move by Mathison (he belongs on Ten, IMO)

  2. What ever happened to him and Ruby Rose with the 7pm project? Not that i miss them or anything.

    The logies are so boring, Nine are practically giving the night to both Ten and Seven, not even Justin Beiber could save the Logies haha

  3. Ah yes, the “red carpet arrivals”.

    The televised equivalent of a semi-drunk bogan guy standing outside a nightclub on a Saturday night “rating” the girls in the queue, while a totally-drunk bogan girl comments on how a generic boob-revealing dress looks “so last year”.

    They should have hired the Chaser guys. But they’re busy with that other, more expensive waste of time… 😉

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