Joshua Horner named new Dancing With The Stars judge

Former Australian Ballet star Joshua Horner replaces judge Mark Wilson on Dancing with the Stars.

Seven has announced former Australian Ballet star Joshua Horner as its new judge on Dancing with the Stars.

Horner has appeared in productions for Graeme Murphy, Twyla Tharp, David Atkins and the musicals Billy Elliot, Guys and Dolls, Movin’ Out, Dirty Dancing as well as appearances on the West End, Broadway and the Tony Awards. He was also nominated for a Helpmann Award in 2002.

More recently he has been chief choreographer at Disneyland in California.

“My experience is with Australian ballet and musical performance across a broad field so I’ll be bringing something different to the panel,” he told News Limited.

Horner replaces judge Mark Wilson.

The series is tipped to premiere on May 8th with a confirmation expected later today.

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  1. I am quite disappointed:( all these previous messages saying how nice Josh is I’ve yet to see the nice part of him. I think being a judge on DWTS has got to his head. Too many unrelated comments taking time from the other judges. Stick to the ancing judgements.

  2. Josh has always been heaps of fun to be around & he’ll be great at stirring up the judging panel. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing him back in Oz doing us proud. I wish you all the best Josh… X

  3. Josh is one of the nicest guys I ever met and he will be great on this show. He is am awesome dancer and always took time out to speak to me and my daughter back here in the UK and also when we visited New York . Well done Josh …you deserve this break!! X

  4. Josh is an awesome addition to the panel. An under rated Aussie who has done us proud OS for many years. Looking forward to seeing him being appreciated by his australian public.

  5. Does anybody still care to watch this show?? Agreed, great in the 1st season or 2, but it’s now tired and rehashed. Ratings are down also from one season to the next. When will networks learn to end shows on a high with dignity rather than let them languish on and on for the sake of milking them for ratings??

  6. I think it will start on Sun 8th of May as Lara Bingle tweeted this today………………..

    Today I saw my dress for the 1st show of #DWTS. So beautiful! Rehearsing until 11pm tonight. Only 9 more sleeps till show time!!!

  7. He’s certainly well credentialed and easy on the eye. Paul Mercurio was also largely a ballet dancer by background. I’m surprised though, I thought the job would have gone to Jason Gilkison.

  8. Yep my only reaction is he’s good looking! Like Elaine and her rationale on Seinfeld for her anti abortion JAG actor boyfriend. “He’s just so good looking, doesn’t that count for something”. Has he got any personality? Any screen presence? Time will tell.

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