Katy Perry for Logies

Pop star Katy Perry is set to open the Logie Awards with her song “Firework.”

News Limited revealed the news today.

Perry will be touring Australia as part of her California Dreams World Tour.

Already confirmed to appear are Maroon 5 and UK pop singer Jessie J.

Andre Rieu will also present an award.

Justin Bieber will also be touring at the same time, with Bieber amid Melbourne concerts on April 30 and May 2.

Other presenters include Chris Lilley, Hamish and Andy, Karl and Peter Stefanovic, Jamie Durie, Lisa McCune, Shaun Micallef and Catherine McClements.

Shane Bourne hosts the big night on May 1st.


  1. So the Logies get all these great international acts to appear. And the ARIA’s got an Emmy winning television star to appear. Uh huh. Just scrap the Logies and ARIA’s and give both industry’s a credible and more prestigious awards

  2. Here’s the thing, if the Fireworks were aimed… say at the crowd, I’d watch. Until then I’ll probably give this a miss even though Katy Perry’s really hot (Despite her choice of partners.)

  3. When I was a kid I used to look forward to watching overseas stars on television. It was such a novelty to see them and I remember looking forward to hey hey or whatever show had performances on. The Logie organisers are aware that in I wanted to see kate perry i could just watc you tube arent they?

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