Logie ban on Twitter

Sorry Wil Anderson….

This year’s Logie Awards is banning Twitter from the room.

Invitations to the ceremony at Crown carry, in very small print, the words: ”Please note, mobiles will not be permitted. Your co-operation is appreciated.”

Phones were also used last year to leak the winners ahead of their broadcast on Nine. Traditionally the show is some 30-40 minutes ahead of the broadcast vision. That led to Dannii Minogue congratulating winners from London via Twitter before it had even been seen by viewers in Australia. Ooops.

”It is because of the tweeting,” a source told The Age. ”I think we saw the tweeting in the past as being a bit mean-spirited and felt it detracted from the evening.”

But unlike movie previews there will be no cloaking of phones in the foyer.

‘We’re simply asking the industry to support the show, enjoy the night and respect the Logies and everyone else in the room,” said the source.

Logies shouldn’t be immune to cheeky mocking from celebs who potentially bring the brand to an audience who may not otherwise give it any attention, but the leaking of winners before the broadcast is admittedly a bit of a problem.


  1. This is why the Logies should be Live for F***S sake. Sorry for swearing but this is ridiculous. Oh wait the awards are ridiculous with all the weirdness about them this year.

    As for Nine itself they are becoming the biggest joke in Australian TV.

  2. Please Wil Anderson– stay at home and watch the logies on tv with the rest of us. That way your tweets can amuse me while my girlfriend makes me sit through the garbage.

  3. Gee, 9 used to be the home of Live, the Logies used to be transmitted live, now everything is delayed!
    Channel 9 seriously need to get their act together, they’re really taking a turn for the worst and are becoming the “home of repeats”.

  4. Wil Anderson shouldn’t even be invited after his offensive tweets in the past. I use to like him, but have since discovered that although he can be funny, he has a really bad attitude and a giant chip on his shoulder.

  5. I will tell you right now this will not work. As if they will leave there phones at home. Will Anderson wont know what to do.

    Good luck trying to stamp this out.

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