Matty Johns reveals Leckie offered return at 9:30pm

Matty Johns has revealed the details about how Seven let him go after a year of his NRL show.

Matty Johns has revealed the details about how Seven let him go after a year of The Matty Johns Show.

This morning on Triple M he said, “David Leckie called me and said it would screen for a second year, but at 9.30pm. He then changed his mind and made it 10.30pm. We eventually worked out that it wasn’t worth doing the show that late.

“I love the bloke, but he spends the first few minutes of any meeting telling you how hopeless you are. A few months ago we had a meeting where he tried to convince me that 10.30pm would be a good time to do the show.”

Leckie said to Johns: “You are doing the show at 10.30pm and that’s final.”

Johns: “I am not doing the show.”

He added of the Seven boss, “I love him, but he’s frickin’ mad.”

The show did not return this year.

On the back of the details that have emerged from the James Warburton case, it isn’t a good look for Seven.

A litte over 12 months ago Leckie told a journo from The Australian, “We’re going to promote the s*** out of this f***ing show. We’ve gotta let people know how good it’s going to be.”

Johns promised to tell more about when Leckie and his manager John Singleton had a fiery meeting.

Source: Mediaweek, TripleM

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  1. “I love him, but he’s frickin’ mad.” Saying that about someone says it all. What it really means is , He has power and I’m scared of him, but I don’t at all like or respect him.

  2. Linny seems as though she is as good with the facts as she is with His/Her English.
    Matthew was only guilty of Adultery,quite a common condition that affects even those who deplore it but hardly a crime in this country.
    Strangely enough his brother was guilty of taking an illegal substance and was welcomed back at Nine with open arms.
    What Matthew Johns does in his private life is actually allowed and that is all that was publicly discussed.

  3. Does anyone remember the days when Nine was the number one channel? Thanks to David Leckie, Ch 7 is no.1 now. Might be “mad” but he’s also a genius.
    I still can’t believe that Eddie McGuire was once CEO of Ch9. What were they thinking?

  4. As much as it surprises me to say but The Johns show was a breath of fresh air compared to the dribble on Nine.
    It needed to be a little longer,but at least it had some sincerity and was no where near as pretentious as the other dribble.

  5. David Leckie you are a F***ing D*****d.
    I reckon Channel 9 should just bring back Matty Johns to the NRL footy Show so then its back to the original!! And to when it was a Classic Hit!!!
    Cmon 9 Bring him Back!!!

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