Offspring headed for third series

It’s yet to be announced by Network TEN but TV Tonight understands Offspring will film a third season mid year.

Season Three will begin after a short break following Season Two, currently underway in Melbourne.

The third season will be 13 episodes, the same as season two.

Having 26 episodes this year will help go towards TEN addressing its drama quota this year.

Earlier this week Asher Keddie was nominated for a Gold Logie, and the series was nominated for Most Popular Drama.

Season Two will air on TEN in May.


  1. Looking forward to Season 3. It’s been a great drama so far. I’d like to see Chris Havel move back to Melbourne to stir things up between Nina and Patrick.

  2. I have just watched the first 2 seasons of offspring they were fantastic! nina is very much like a lot of people and it feels real. Billie is so good a lot of people would like to be like her! Patrick is just so yummy! please please make more.

  3. So glad to hear it! I love Nina’s new fling, Patrick. There is soooo much great chemistry between the two actors. My wish would be for Nina to be a little less bumbling. Can get a bit much at times. Kat Stewart is fab, – writers – ease off with the male whinging with Mick’s character please?
    This season is much better than the first. I watch it for the awesome sets and I want to see much more of Patrick – he is smoking hot!!!

  4. Firstly I’m a Huge fan of Offspring absolutely loved it last year and was begging for more week in and week out so this is fantastic news for me!

    Secondly; it must be good to be Australian Drama on TEN at the moment even with low ratings shows will get renewed.

    I expect an annoucment that Rush will produce a full season in the coming weeks – Ten are going to need to if they’re to meet the quota.

    P.S. David; do shows like Bondi Rescue count toward the drama total or not? And what is the penalty should a network not met the quota set?

  5. Ten had no option even though you’d hardly call Offspring a stunning ratings triumph. They have precious little content to achieve their local content requirements and this will help them.

  6. Well this is good that Aussie drama is being supported! I watched this entire season and it didn’t grab me as much as other shows have, but I wil give it another go!

    Well Done for the Most Popular Drama and Gold Logie for Asher Nominations

  7. What happens if Season 2 is a flop? Probably doesn’t matter as Ten needs the quota points. After all, Rush has a 4th season despite the fact its first three seasons were all flops.

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