Returning: Air Ways, How I Met Your Mother.

Seven is about to premiere a new season of Airways, the ob doc series based around the no-frills Tiger Airways.

It will again be narrated by Corrine Grant, who last year hit out at Seven’s own Today Tonight following an interview she gave about ‘Hoarders’, which resulted in a Seven publicist hitting right back.

Presumably, all has been forgiven.

It will premiere at 7:30pm Thursday May 5th followed by a return of new How I Met Your Mother episodes (S6E18).

Heston’s Mission Impossible will be out.

Air Ways is back, offering unprecedented access to the day-to-day running of a budget airline in Australia, depicting the stress and joy of travel as staff and passengers deal with everything from misplaced luggage to delayed flights. In tonight’s season premiere: a grandmother travelling to look after her grandkids is grounded when she forgets her boarding pass. Will a complete stranger turn things around for the distraught granny? An Englishman is off to Hobart to meet his online love, but she is nowhere to be found. Has he been taken for a ride or will she turn up? When Mark misses his flight he has no money to transfer to the next flight and becomes aggressive and physically abusive.


  1. oh Corine, what are you doing? 🙂 Come back to comedy!
    I’m glad himym is coming back, but im equally sad to see hestons mission impossible show going out of schedule. Maybe it really does belong on sbs.

  2. Great to see HIMYM come back but the 8:30 to 11:30pm lineup seriously needs to be changed.Nobody want’s two full on Medical Dramas and a way worse than Winners and Losers Drama at that time of night on a Thursday.

    Why don’t they bring back American Dad and Family Guy back to 7 and put them on after the Mother like the old days.

  3. should do well.I am most likely to use the catch up method to watch Airways.Did anyone read lately they may lose their flying licence and go out of business.

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