Returning: Australia’s Got Talent

Updated: Seven has confirmed its season premiere of Australia's Got Talent with a 90 minute premiere.

Seven has confirmed its season premiere of Australia’s Got Talent with Dannii Minogue, Kyle Sandilands and Brian McFadden.

A 90 minute episode will air on 7:30pm Tuesday May 3rd, pushing Winners and Losers to 9pm and Parenthood to 10pm.

Corrected: Another episode will air the following night, Wednesday May 4th, followed by Criminal Minds at 8:30pm and Detroit 1-8-7 at 9:30pm.

The show is again hosted by Grant Denyer.

Aussies of various shapes, sizes and levels of talent compete and perform their chosen talent in order to win the Grand Prize money. With celebrity judges Dannii Minogue, Kyle Sandilands and Brian McFadden.

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  1. How come McFadden still has a work permit now that ‘our Delta’ has dumped him? There’s absolutely no reason for him to be here, and he’s in a role that could easily be done by an Australian. He can take Kyle back to Ireland with him – wouldn’t exactly be a brain-drain would it.

  2. I don’t l know how many more years this will last i think that this will be the last one. I am not sure the talent on this year will be any good. I might give this a go if i end up liking the early performers.

  3. Gee there’s a lot of negativity here.

    I think this will do well for Seven and it will rate through the roof, at least 1.2 million. Parenthood has been a dud for months now, All Saints was getting substantially better ratings two years ago in the same slot.

  4. not entirely happy about them pushing back winners and losers and parenthood but can’t complain.It means if I need to stay back a little at work to say 8:30 I don’t have to rush home in time.

    You can’t compare this time last year when they were using Grey’s Anatomy to fill in for the Rafters to Winners and Losers now.The latter is a lot easier on the eye and to watch too

  5. all wrong. hopefully this is just for the first few week.

    last year AGT ended up being a 2hr show almost every week meaning Greys Anatomy pretty much became a 9:30 show. that is no way to treat Winners and Losers. Whats wrong with putting it on Monday. whats going to 8:30 that night?

    anyone noticed that there has barely been any advertising for AGT? not a single ad in entire primetime lineups i only see them after 10:30, i was starting to think the show wasn’t going to start until a few weeks after easter.

  6. Yet another Seven show bumping Parenthood. First it was Conviction Kitchen, then Winners & Losers, now AGT. I’m surprised it’s still ratings around 600k per week considering their treatment of the show of late.

  7. I don’t think Seven needs to launch with three and a half hours of AGT in the first week. I guess they’re trying to get people away from MasterChef, but they could have just done two one hour shows in the first week and save the extra footage for future episodes. AGT is arguably Seven’s strongest reality show so they should try and extend the show as long as possible so that it can take on MasterChef.

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