1. Secret Squïrrel

    @vladivostok – I can’t speak for anyone else but I don’t “go scanning around on US websites everyday”. Being six weeks behind means that for those six weeks I have to be careful using IMDb or checking some info about Fringe on Wikipedia or looking at any number of other non-Fringe specific sites.

    Six weeks may only be a “few weeks” to you but a gap that size interferes with the flow of the series story arc. In fact, it’s been so long that I’m having trouble remembering what occurred in the last ep but have to be careful about refreshing my memory in case I see spoilers.

    You say that you’re concerned for our future but it would seem that you’re not comfortable with the current state of tech. Just because something occurs “on the other side of the world” doesn’t mean that we have to isolate ourselves and pretend that it can’t have any effect over here. It’s luddite attitudes like that, as displayed by yourself and certain film, tv, and phone companies that are holding us back from the shiny digital future.

    As for picture quality, it’s fine thanks. I can watch it in HD if I want which I still can’t do on my TV in 2011!

  2. glad it is back, even more glad about primeval though if it is actually back this time (and continues on past season 1), been waiting for years.

  3. @ vladivostok

    Speaking for myself I can wait a few weeks and if I want to read others reactions to particular episodes I can read them. Although I have accidentally read spoilers because sometimes people mention them. I’m talking in earlier episode discussions that I have seen or sometimes in the rating discussions. So I can understand people that want to prevent that. Especially if they want to talk to people about the show from overseas.

    I’ve mentioned it before that the show I’m really worried about is Doctor Who. Because I go to a blog that seems to have no easy way to find older posts (in order – it just disappears unless you guess what they wrote about ) . Plus there’s news sites that I go to for Classic Series DVD information. Which unfortunately includes New Series spoilers. So I fear unintentional spoiling depending how they like to ruin it for people that are overseas. Unfortunately it just seems to be mainly us and, I wouldn’t be surprised, the Kiwis having a bad time of it. The U.S. and Canadians get it in less than half a day. That said it’s at least less than a week for us. But I do fear those spoilers and iView is not a viable option.

  4. I always laugh at the poor people on the internet who say they can’t avoid spoilers for a few weeks and just Have to go and use other sources to watch their show. Seriously, get out and live life, don’t go scanning around on US websites everyday and have a bit of patience until you can sit on your couch and enjoy it in good quality on your tv. My goodness, are peoples lives really going to end if they have to go a few weeks without watching their favourite show as it airs on the other side of the world. I understand if its a few months, but seriously a few weeks? I am concerned for our future when I see comments like Secret Squïrrel’s and brisvegas’ regularly.

  5. Totally agree with Secret Squirrel.
    Fringe has continual story lines that get destroyed with this haphazard screening and this excellent series deserves to get much better treatment. But, this is what we have come to expect from this network and it is very disappointing.

  6. Again thank you. I’m glad it will be back. I hope the opening and end credits won’t be edited out as they can change and set up the episodes. Now I just wish they’d move The Vampire Dairies to some other day (other than Thursday ) or at least repeat it after midnight sometime soon. It’s the one thing I really like about GO! That you can keep up if you miss a primetime episode without waiting for the DVD. I don’t like seeing things on a computer and would rather wait to be honest if I miss it. Do you know if the double episodes of Fringe will continue after May 4? Just curious.

  7. As a fan of the show – I welcome it back, on the grounds that others can watch and enjoy it. But as a Fan of the show – I’ve acquired these episodes some time back. Too slow C9.

  8. Yay more Anna, a talented, smart and sexy woman, playing a great character in a marvelous show. I don’t mind the delay for a change. At least if bones and house get the axe in the coming weeks I can hang in for more fringe.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    Too F’g late you twats. A completely unnecessary gap in the middle of the season which destroys the momentum of the series. Six weeks was far too long to wait and avoid internet spoilers when it can be seen on Hulu via a US proxy.

    I am now voting with my wallet and have started boycotting companies that advertise on the Nine network. Fix your shit up guys or it’s only going to get worse.

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