Returning: $#*! My Dad Says

William Shatner's comedy is back in schedule on Nine in the first week of Easter non-ratings.

William Shatner was in the country on the weekend for Sydney and Melbourne Star Trek conventions, but will he still be here to see $#*! My Dad Says back in schedule on Nine?

The show airs twice in the first week of Easter non-ratings.

The Home of rescheduling Laughter….

Monday, April 18 at 8.00pm
Episode 7

Tuesday, April 19 at 8.00pm
Episode 8


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  1. Bazza had it right …. Channel Nine’s knee jerk reaction to bad ratings before audiences have had time to get into a routine with new shows or learn to love the characters is legendary and shortsighted.
    They continue to treat their audiences with contempt and credit them with no intelligence. They program for the lowest common denominator so the rest of us are forced to to pay to find real entertainment elsewhere.
    Don’t forget this was the station that ran Seinfeld at midnight, obviously it didn’t rate straight away so they gave it up so Ten could grab it…..and there are many more examples of this.
    If only one of the free to airs would commission some quality and unique writing like a Seinfeld – they could show That at 7pm and get back all the audiences they so desperately need.

  2. It’s no wonder that Seven is miles ahead when Nine just chops and changes shows before they have a chance. I don’t know why they are bouncing are My Dad Says, it was one of the few Nine new shows that seemed really promising.

    Eventually people just tire of the constant programming changes and then networks wonder why people turn to internet downloads. Just makes you shake your head.

  3. It hasn’t been seen in a while.Even though I now work on Monday Nights and can’t be home in time for this show It is a great laugh.

    Off the topic a little Nine really needs to work on their 7pm offerings.Did they ever stop to realise that putting on old 2.5 men episodes was going to cost them dearly against fresh offerings in Home and Away/7pm one day.it did

  4. I love when a series starts to find its groove the networks take it off, the last ep where the brother and his wife are trying for a baby and adopt a dog there was a nice scene at the end with Shatner and Nicole Sullivan. I thought I think I am starting to like this show and then bang nothing.

  5. Every ‘station’ has 72 hours of air time a day nowadays (in some cases, more)…

    A reasonable person might think that somewhere in amongst all the re-runs of Green Acres, Happy Days and Baywatch they could manage to run a *new* series of a *new* show from beginning to end, without these ridiculous interruptions and re-schedulings. If they don’t want to sacrifice a prime time slot I really don’t think they have to any more.

    Channel 9: Still wondering why viewers are abandoning them after all these years.

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