Returning: The Event, Caprica

For readers who have been asking, The Event is back in schedule from next week, now airing on 7mate.

It begins with a double episode at 9:30pm Friday April 8. These aired in the US in early March.

Single episodes will continue on Friday nights following The Cape.

From April 22nd Caprica is back at 10:30pm with a double episode. The show was axed in the US late last year.


  1. @Scott: 7mate in your area will have Friday night AFL for the rest of the season in place of The Cape. If you want 7mate to show The Cape on a later date, you need to write to Seven Queensland.

  2. @mer – I was in the same boat until I got a $50 Strong STB which doubles as a PVR if you plug in a USB drive. Luckily I had a 250Gb laptop HDD and it works great to record any of the FTA channels and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting a new PVR. It can also playback most media so load the HDD or thumb drive and watch them on TV instead of your computer.

  3. Not happy with it being on 7mate. Unable to tape that channel 🙁 and this is the final week of SYTYCD which goes until 10pm – and Blue Blood is also on at 9.30. It also may interfere with the footy which I really only watch if Roosters play.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    7mate is the right channel. Not sure why they’ve decided to give it such a crappy night tho’. Maybe they think fans of these shows don’t go out on Friday night? Wed after American Dad would have been better, or even Thu instead of Man-made Super-Mega Things or whatever.

  5. This has lost all of its steam, and I for one have stopped watching. If it wasn’t for Jase Ritter I wouldn’t have bothered at all.

  6. Surprised at the timeslot for caprica, I thought it did well here. Just because it was axed in America doesn’t mean you need to bury it here. They used to advertise it heaps on 7mate, wonder how it will be treated now.

  7. Looks like 7MATE is the dumping ground for new shows… we at least we don’t have to wait until next Christmas to see them as in years past.

    FYI as you probably know the chances for The Event getting renewed are very slim, so I’m just enjoying the few eps we have. They are shooting the entire season which should bring some conclusion but I just hope it’s not like FlashForward with it’s ending being an obvious opening to the 2nd season the never was.

    Thanks for the update David.

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