Second series for Lowdown

ABC1’s comedy series Lowdown, featuring Adam Zwar as a tabloid journo, is getting a second season.

The first series has been sold to Britain’s BBC4, and won an Australian Writers Guild Award for best comedy in 2010.

There were two documentary projects also announced as sharing in $450,000 production investment funds:

Anatomy Series Three – Following the success of the first two series, the third will comprise three documentaries that explore art and the body beyond the boundaries of traditional arts documentaries.

Gnarly: The Ben Pappas Story– This true crime documentary follows Ben Pappas, a self-proclaimed ‘bogan’ from Melbourne who rose to become one of the world’s best skateboarders, but whose downward spiral ended in tragedy.

Film Victoria Acting CEO Jenni Tosi said, “Film Victoria is delighted to contribute to the steady increase in Victorian factual production. In 2009-10 we committed in excess of $1.6 million to factual TV programs through our production investment program.

“As Screen Australia’s annual documentary report recently confirmed, Victoria is the only state to have shown an increase in documentary production in recent years. It is extremely encouraging to see this trend continue in 2011.”


  1. The first series got better (from a very low bar set in the first couple of episodes) as it went on, which is both rare and gives hope the second series will be worth watching. However it’s a worry that it won a writing award, it wasn’t that good. I have to assume there wasn’t much competition, which is sad.

  2. Good. I saw a couple of episodes and thought it was pretty decent. At least the abc gives people a go and usually they get better. It’s nice to see narrative comedy on the abc.

  3. good news. Saw a bit of Lowdown on ABC 1, then caught the whole series recently on ABC 2. Thought it really found its feet from midway through.

  4. I’ve never watched this or the Librarians, but I should because its one of the few Australian comedies. Good job on the ABC for trying something different.
    Now only if the Comercial networks could give some series like this a go.

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