Seven: Easter amendments

Some amendments have come through from Seven for the Easter non-ratings weeks.

Some amendments have come through from Seven for the Easter non-ratings weeks.

It will play Bones repeats at 8:30pm on Monday nights on April 18 / 25.

On Tuesday April 19 at 7:30pm it has a repeat of the special Unlikely Animal Friends and at 7:30pm on Wednesday April 20 a new episode of Air Crash Investigations.

Other scheduling includes:

Monday April 25
7:30pm Special: Lost Diggers Of Fromelles
8:30pm Bones rpt
9:30pm Brothers and Sisters
10:30pm Special: The Spitfire And The Lancaster

Tuesday April 26
7:30pm TBA
8:30pm TBA
10:45pm Cougar Town rpt

Wednesday April 27
7:00pm Home and Away dbl ep
8:00pm TBA
8:30pm Criminal Minds rpt
9:30pm Detroit 1-8-7

Thursday April 28
7:00pm Home and Away
7:30pm Better Homes and Gardens
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy
9:30pm Desperate Housewives
10:30pm Private Practice

Friday April 29
4:00pm Royal Wedding live

NB: During this week Seven will also air William and Kate: Inside The Royal Wedding, so Tuesday or Wednesday look primed for that one.

Previous Seven info across this fortnight is here.

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  1. I can honestly say that we watch Ch7 programs 90% of the time. The only program on 9 is CSI (original) and on 10, the Good Wife and L&O franchise but then I’m 40 year + so probably don’t fit the demgraphic of 21/2 Men or Biggest Losers. we are watching increasingly more Ch11, ONE, 7mate and 72.

  2. I am glad there will be an ANZAC special in primetime on ANZAC day. Definitely watching that.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Monday became the regular timeslot for new Bones after Easter with Dancing returning.

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