Seven rules Monday

My Kitchen Rules pulls 1.51m viewers with Seven already on target to win another week.

Monday night delivered a big win to Seven with its reality line-up of My Kitchen Rules and the Conviction Kitchen finale.

My Kitchen Rules topped the night on 1.51m viewers, miles in front of The Biggest Loser (863,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (736,000 / 863,000), Two and a Half Men (778,000 / 622,000) and Mythbusters (331,000).

That helped Conviction Kitchen to a nice slice of viewers for its final episode, pulling 928,000 to win its slot -although it wasn’t the show’s biggest audience. It was Four Corners in second place on 761,000 partnered with Media Watch on 677,000. House had 698,000 for TEN. With its poor lead-in The Million Dollar Drop managed just 615,000, well down on Thursday’s audience (741,000). Man vs Wild had outstanding traction on 330,000 -a dip of just 1,000 viewers.

The first night of The Big Bang Theory in place of Two and a Half Men at Nine was 860,000, third in its slot.

6.30 With George Negus pulled 474,000 which lifts from last Monday’s audience of 452,000. The timeslot move shows it heading in the right direction.

(356,000) and Jonathan Creek (349,000) lead the multichannel race after GO! inanely abandoned its schedule late yesterday afternoon for a marathon of The Big Bang Theory / Two and a Half Men -is that all there is?

Seven thumped the rest with a sizeable lead over its competition. This week is already over.

Week 16

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  1. Nine needs to do something fast regarding their 7pm offerings as over played sitcoms might help them short term but what will happen once episodes run out.surely in the absence of a game show they can put on some cartoons or make a decent home grown sitcom something australia hasn’t seen since the hey dad or my two wives/all together now days of the eighties and nineties.

  2. Has someone allowed a petulant teenager to take over the programming at GO. I liked this ch when it started out, but I cannot remember the last time I watched anything on there……Disaster awaits…

  3. GO! is starting to lose the plot, I used to GO! almost all the time when it was a decent channel, but now I only watch it about once a month. Maybe I will start to watch it a bit more when they finally decide to bring back Nikita, it’s been so long since it was last on I’ve forgotten what the storyline of the show is.

  4. @Johno – as Michael has said, the shows weren’t coded correctly because of the late change. Pineapple Express (a massive 131,000) is basically the first 4 eps of 2.5 Fingers (I’m calling it that now because it’s obvious that Nine are just giving us the V-sign and thumbing their nose at us – they aren’t even trying any more).

  5. 6.30 with George is a really good show. I don’t remember any other show bringing the fact the medical research grants are likely to be down sized by up to 40 million dollars. Why people continue with trash like TT or ACA i just don’t know

  6. @ johno, because it was a last minute change, they weren’t coded correctly. An additional episode of TBBT aired at 9pm, then 5 back-to-back eps of Two and a Half Men aired from 9:30pm – midnight.

  7. By replacing one over-played sitcom with another over-played sitcom, isn’t going to help Nine at 7pm, especially if they continue to drown their GO! schedule with the same shows (don’t get me started with the GO! programming last night). MDD seems better suited to Thursday rather than Monday. Good to see Negus up on last week, hope the trend continues.

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