Swift & Shift tipped to air

Paul Fenech's second season of Swift & Shift Couriers is tipped be dusted off the shelves and air on SBS later this year.

Paul Fenech’s second season of Swift & Shift Couriers is tipped to air later this year.

The follow-up series has been sitting dormant at SBS because of sensitivities with the storyline, but there may finally be movement soon.

The series, which sees the courier company competing with rival couriers in India, was written and filmed before headlines emerged in Australia about attacks on Indian students.

As a broadcaster which aims to be inclusive of multicultural communities, it got cold feet over the timing of the often-outrageous comedy.

TV Tonight understands that the exit of managing director Shaun Brown in June will mean a greenlight for the show to finally make it to air.

SBS is expected to replay the first season before premiering the second.

Meanwhile it also has Fenech’s new comedy, Houso’s.

David Knox blogs Eurovision for sbs.com.au

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  1. i really liked the first season so will watch it again. Liked Pizza to. I do agree that SBS has become sort of politically correct, but they have to move with the times and the government who partly fund the broadcaster. When the government stops being politically correct then SBS will stop being pc.

  2. I never liked Fat Pizza, but this series was really funny.

    The excuse they gave is just pathetic. Once upon a time SBS showed all kinds of weird and wonderful things and didn’t really give a damn about being all PC.

    Oh how I miss those days.

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