The Cape, The Event update

Heads up for some changes to 7mate shows.

Heads up for some changes to 7mate shows….

Next Friday, May 6th The Cape is out  at 8:30pm, replaced with a Gary Unmarried repeat.

A Reaper repeat will also air at 9:30pm. The Event screens at 1:00am Sunday May 8th (Saturday night).

On May 13th The Cape is out in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and The Event screens at 1:00am Sunday May 15th.

No word on future eps of The Cape just yet.

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  1. I wonder why they put on a show like “The Cape” at a certain time then change the schedule all over the place. Memo to TV stations: Put it on and leave it on and stop changing schedules, like Heartbeat one week it is two hours then next it is on for one hour and the daily papers dont show the full synopsis of the shows on the extra channels only the main ones. I enjoy the show, it is better in my humble opinion than a lot of the other stuff. I like 7mate of a thursday night with “Mighty Ships’ and the other shows. I wonder if thety could show the UK version of “The Apprentice” we have seen series 2 but there has been a few more series made.
    Talking about epg, we hade Ten or TDT is tasmania showing “oprah” for 5 hours last Saturday night when it was really only on for 1 hour then two episodes of “White Collar” followed by football

  2. just like GO, they just throw what ever on. and why are they playing Family Guy and American Dad so much? they could have easily put The Event and The Cape as well as Caprica during the week instead of trying to burn the eps off to make way for…. more repeats!! 7mate started off great but sadly like 7two has lost its way. there are plenty of ‘missing shows’ like Its Always Sunny and Warehouse 13 but where are they? theres plenty of room in the schedule for them.

  3. Is it just me or is Thursday’s lineup always changing on 7 mate. One day Megastructures is on then the next week another factual has replaced it.

    Reaper in, Reaper out.

    7 mate since the channel started has been like GO!, though not as constant with the changes.

    Where is Crank Yankers, Last Comic Standing etc ?

    11 is doing well keeping it stable !

  4. I made a comment late last night on the TV Lounge about how last night’s episode of The Event started 10 minutes early, which is really unfair to viewers. But now this?! It’s totally ridiculous!!! I’m glad they’re still showing it, but surely they could just leave it on at 10.30 or 11.30 on a Friday night on 7Mate, I highly doubt that this is such a large advertising revenue raising time…

    And I completely agree with APM, 7Mate really is becoming the new Go. I love Family Guy and American Dad but do we really need every night from 8.30-9.30 those two shows on? Why not develop some good theme nights or some real alternative programming.

  5. 1:00 am is just ridiculous for a first-run drama. Of course it’s not rating well because it’s been treated badly, so the solution is to treat it worse? There’s no need to burn off the Caprica eps. They could drop one on Sat and put The Event on after.

    Like a lot of people I thought that having these multichannels would mean that we would get to see at a more reasonable time programs that don’t resonate with middle (boring) Australia. Sadly, it seems that anything that doesn’t wrap it’s story up in a neat 42 minute package is not able to hold the interest of either the majority of TV audiences or the networks unless it’s a (un)reality show.

  6. Frees up my recorder for movies I guess, there was heaps of stuff on Fridays lately, 2 shows on ABC2, 3 on 7mate and then movies on a couple of channels depending on what is showing. Just so long as all the episodes play out in the not too distant future.

  7. Seriously 1am on a digital channel for The Event, I guess thats still better (but only just) than being cut like The Cape. And at least it’s in HD.

    I still like The Event and rumor has it the network (NBC) stepped in and ordered changes for the 2nd half of the season which much of the cast were not happen about.

    It always amazes me how some shows start with such hope and hype only to fall. At least NBC has held steady keeping the show in it’s original time slot and still plans on airing all 22 eps of the series and some of the cast are not writing the show off from getting a renewal for S2. But it’s still a long shot but according to most.

  8. Pathetic aren’t they, these three AU commercial TV networks? Their charter is to entertain us is it not? From where most of us sit they are boredom personified. Not everyone falls over themselves in the rush to see their endless US cop shows, their endless reality shows, their endless unfunny US ‘sitcoms’ or their US type news bulletins.

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