The Chaser to commentate Royal Wedding

Updated: The Chaser boys will commentate the "royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton of Nowhere in Particular" on ABC2.

We’ve had Fitzy and Dame Edna waiting in the wings, and now The Chaser boys are confirmed to host a telecast of the Royal Wedding on ABC2.

Sworn Royalists every one of them? Ummmmm….

The Chaser team is returning to the ABC for a one-off live special commentating the royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton of Nowhere in Particular.

The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary will air on ABC2 from 7pm on Friday 29 April, offering viewers an alternative live commentary of the 3.5 hour event.

“Everyone loves a royal wedding,” said Julian Morrow. “Except perhaps The Queen, who didn’t even bother going to the last one. But The Chaser couldn’t be more thrilled to be covering the big day. And who knows – if it goes well, hopefully they ask us back next year to cover the divorce.”

Chaser member Chris Taylor said the team won’t be travelling to London ahead of the wedding since Sunrise and Today had already booked out every single hotel room. “But we managed to find a small bedsit in Belfast,” Taylor said. “And we’ve hired a very long lens.”

Her Majesty the Queen added, “Bring it on! I mean, it couldn’t be any worse than that Balls of Steel show on The Comedy Channel. What was Reucassel thinking when he agreed to that?!”

But well-known Australian monarchist David Flint has expressed his outrage at the project, arguing that it was his job – not The Chaser’s – to make royalists look silly.

Stuart Menzies Controller ABC2 said The Chaser and the Royal Family are a natural fit: “They’re both tired, out-of-touch institutions that are a drain on the public purse and well past their use-by-date, – it’s a match made in heaven.”

The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary is a co-production between ABC2 and Giant Dwarf Productions. The ABC Executive Producer is Kath Earle. The Chaser Executive Producer is Julian Morrow. And the Royal Family Executive Producer is Penelope Hampton-Maple-Brown-Thonton-Bottomley-Edgerton-Boutros-Boutros-Waddington-Blythe (nee Smith).

“Uninformed and unconstitutional”

It airs on ABC2 Friday 29 April, 7pm “until divorce.”

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  1. If it’s meant to be an alternative *live* commentary, does that mean Perth will get it from 5? Or will it just cut to what’s being shown in the east 2 hours into it, or be 2 hours delayed?

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