Twitter hits back at Logie snub

Tweets ain't happy: "Has anyone ever thought we might want the Logies banned from Twitter?"

Judging by these comments Twitter isn’t happy about being banned from the Logies:

Marieke Hardy:
There is no *way* I am leaving my mobile phone at home on Logies night. What if Andy Lee wants to arrange a tête-à-tête in the toilets?

All I’m saying is – if noted TV host @warne888 is coming to the Logies, ain’t nobody taking away his mobile.

Twitter should be allowed at The Logies. People like twitter. The Logies could do with some things people like.

Logies organisers should just go for it and ban coke and booze as well…oops then nobody would go.

No tweeting at Logies? But how else will we know what’s happening? Surely we won’t have to watch it.

Stars are banned from bringing their phones or tweeting during the #Logies this year.. there goes the only reason I watch.

Twitter banned at the #logies Now the stars have another reason to sneak off to the toilet.

So if mobiles are banned from the Logies will the “stars” just bring their iPads and laptops.

yunbond Yun Bond:
Has anyone ever thought we might want the Logies banned from Twitter?

Frothy_boy Frothy:
Here’s an idea #Logie organizers, if you don’t want the winners announced before your delayed broadcast.. DO IT LIVE

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  1. @tvaddict You’ve just demonstrated exactly why they should be live – then people would watch. Come on Logies, do it. And get Twitter involved – embrace the future. Well, at least present-day.

  2. @Andrew are you serious? have you not seen how many celebs go to the Logies & get smashed then get up on stage & display some regrettable (albeit hilarious) behavior?? the best example of that would be from 1972 when Michael Cole,of ‘the Mod Squad’ was so inebriated that he was completely incoherent, then there was Bert Newtons infamous offensive words to Muhammad Ali that could have ended up in him copping a beating & he wasn’t even drunk! thats why they’re not live, it would be so fun if they were though, the main reason i watch them is to see that sort of gossip worthy behavior, i would love to be a fly on the wall at the after party, or god forbid the bathroom )

  3. Because the Logies are now held on a Sunday night (as opposed to the many years they were held on a Friday night), most people in the room have to work the following morning. Therefore by starting at around 6.00pm the awards themselves can be over by 9.30pm and guests still have time to party on. Hence the earlier start time. It also means certain media outlets have more time to prepare stories for the for the next mornings press, etc. This is the same model that has been adopted by the AFI Awards, the Oscars and numerous other awards ceremonies. I agree it would be better broadcast live, but concessions have had to be made.

  4. Twitter at the logies….. well i think that is a perfect fit. Since the telecast and the catagories have not changed much and since they have snubbed some really good shows, i reckon that Twitter should be allowed to stay and i also think the broadcast can be enhanced by having the tweets appear live on the screen for the audience at home similiar to Q&A.

  5. Just shows how outdated the logies really are. They just do not understand new technology. Its here to stay.
    The real problem logie organisers have is that Twitter @ the logies will be more entertaining than the logies itself.
    How about doing a Q & A at the logies and put some Twitter quotes up on the screen. Now that would be interesting. Be Bold, I dare you. Its 2011

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