Underbelly uncut for Victoria

Viewers in Victoria will finally get to see the complete unedited version of Underbelly‘s first season from next week.

The 2008 series, which was subjected to a court ban can finally be screened following a courtcase ending. So far Nine has only aired edited versions of the first five episodes.

Charming gangster Alphonse Gangitano also known as The Black Prince gets away with murder but finds himself in a deadly feud with the ruthless Moran brothers. Stars Vince Colosimo, Rodger Corser, Caroline Craig and Frankie J Holden.

It will air in double episodes on Tuesday nights from 9:30pm.

As a result Top Gear and Kitchen Nightmares USA are out in Victoria.


  1. Richard Collins

    “Does anyone know if Victorians are able to buy season 1 on DVD yet?”

    No, and it’s because the original release contains a brief mentioning name of a man who is currently on trial or due for trial so the Supreme court supression order remains in place for the DVD/Bluray release. This was in the episode “Purana” and you can look this up on the internet..

    Channel Nine deleted the name in it’s updated “uncut” broadcast, but obviously they can’t do that on a DVD already out there. Nine would be legally allowed to sell and distribute the ironically “Uncut” 2011 edition( which in my opinion is the better edition due to the updated voice over work and the naming of the “Mr” characters and Keith Faure), but have no plans to rerelease/reprint the series at this stage…

  2. Awesome…….If I hadnt already seen the DVD of the series back in 08. Honestly is there anyone in Victoria whio didnt see this on DVD???

  3. Dreadful timeslot choice by Nine. I suppose they don’t want Victoria too far out of sync with the other states but this could surely get a better timeslot.

    and it seems someone called “aussietv” doesn’t really care for Aussie TV? 🙂

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