US shows hanging in the balance

Brothers & Sisters? Lie to Me? CSI: NY? Chuck? What are the US shows that may be facing the axe?

As the US market begins to finalise its Upfronts for the forthcoming Fall season, a number of US shows will be destined for the bin.

But which ones?

According to TV Guide these are the shows that are, as they say, “on the bubble.”

They include several new shows, a handful of veterans and some we still haven’t even seen.

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS)
Mr. Sunshine (ABC)
Nikita (CW)
Human Target (FOX)
Better With You (ABC)
Mad Love (CBS)

The Defenders (CBS)
Lie to Me (Fox)
One Tree Hill (CW)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)

Body of Proof (ABC)
Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (CBS)
Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)
The Event (NBC)
Law & Order: Los Angeles (NBC)
No Ordinary Family (ABC)
Off the Map (ABC)
Parenthood NBC
Outsourced (NBC)
Perfect Couples (NBC)

Chuck (NBC)

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  1. @Tim
    For CBS it is. Their 18-49 (money making demo to sell ads) is the lowest for CBS’s Sun to Thur programming. Total viewers tend not to count in these decisions, just the numbers that makes them money. It also drops off dramatically after two of CBS’s hit shows.
    I hope it’s renewed though because it’s definitely one of the better procedural series currently out there.

  2. Stopped watching Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood when Seven kept stuffing them around and have been slack to catch up. Soreally don’t care anymore.
    I like Outsourced and Mr Sunshine.
    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour is pointless, just exactly the same as Criminal Minds. Axe it and then bring back the 2 cast members they cut from Criminal Minds…

  3. I feel for Detroit 187, seen both so far and thought it was quite good, probably would have been suited to a USA cable channel..Law and Order LA was doomed, only SVU is alive these days.

  4. @Tim. the good wife comes last in its timeslot and it is CBS’s lowest rating 10:00 show and has a good leadin from NCIS:LA. and CBS is doing well at the moment so can afford to set their cancellation bar high. that said i do doubt it will be cancelled it is not unreasonable to say it is ‘on the bubble’. the critical acclaim is its only leg at the moment.

    being late April the sad news is any show to be cancelled from now on will not get a proper ending. which will be tragic for brothers and sisters.

  5. @ Den There’s no way The Good Wife is even close to being on the bubble. It’s averaged around the 10-12 million mark over the course of this season. The show has never even gone below 10 million.

  6. Only reason mid season replacement ‘Body of Proof’ is on the list is it’s new, has only aired a hand full of eps (5 or 6) and has rated well against The Good Wife and Parenthood (which all share the same time slot) I’d be surprised if it’s not renewed by ABC (US).

  7. Chuck has been on the bubble it’s entire run.

    As a result it’s had negative effects on the show. It’ll get renewed for half a season, they start a 13 episode arc, and then it gets the back order and they have no where to go. They rush and wrap up character and plot lines early because they think they’ll be cancelled.

    I still enjoy the show and hope it’s back, but it’s not as good as it once was.

  8. All those shows on Nine will be axed apart from Nikita and possibly the ABC sitcoms. I thought I read on this site that Nine had the rights to Mad Love? That’s likely to be axed anyway.

    Close to all of Seven’s bubble shows will be axed apart from maybe the Criminal Minds spinoff, Body of Prood and Parenthood. Law and Order: LA has been disastrous in the ratings since the retooled version premiered earlier this month. A shame, too, as Alfred Molina is a great actor.

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