Where do ONE changes leave panel shows?

Will changes to ONE signal the end for panel based shows such as One Week At a Time and The Game Plan: NRL?

This week ONE confirmed that AFL, Formula 1 and MotoGP would remain on the channel when it rebrands to a male-skewed channel with entertainment.

But where does that leave other sports such as basketball, golf, swimming and more? And what of Sports Tonight and weeknight panel shows such as The Game Plan: NRL and  One Week at a Time?

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “It’s too early to discuss any particular sports rights but over the coming weeks we’ll be providing individual sports rights holders with more certainty around our plans for the ongoing role of sport across our channels.

“Panel-based programs will continue to play a role in ONE’s line-up.”

Meanwhile some readers have been asking about whether The Bolt Report on TEN will impact on the long-running Video Hits.

Video Hits remains an important feature of both TEN’s Saturday and Sunday schedule and we’ll reveal exact timeslot details over the next few weeks,” said the spokesperson.

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  1. As long as they keep (live) sport on during the day/night i don’t care what they do with primetime. If they get rid of nba,nfl,nascar,etc for repeats,twenty year old shows and boring d*******s I wont be watching

  2. All the American sports are on Live here in the daytime. There is no Live NBA, NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NHL during Australian primetime. ONE will probably have Live sports from early morning to mid afternoon and in the late afternoon transition to non-sport scheduled programs. The only Live midweek sport in our primetime would be from Japan, Korea or China.

    TEN/ONE could still go for the NRL rights. The perfect slot would be a Saturday night game. In NSW, QLD and the ACT TEN could have the NRL and ONE could have the AFL. In the southern states TEN could have the AFL and ONE could have the NRL.

  3. OWAAT is just too Victorian centric – On the Couch absolutely obliterates it for genuine national footy analysis. Combined with a couple of clueless hosts in Darcy and Quartermain it makes for a poor panel show. It’s a good idea – there is definitely a market on a multichannel for a prime time FTA panel show, it’s just poorly executed. Get some hosts that actually watch games outside Victoria with at least half a brain and you’ll get an audience.

  4. If anyone remembers from the beginning before digital started i said that programs that were brand new specially made for digital will either also screen on the primary channel or will disappear for good after having a short run.Why because the main reason is money the networks don’t have the money.I was criticized a little last time when i said something along these lines,and to no surprise i was correct.Sports Tonight will stay forget the rest.Anyone want to ask me something about TV please do lol.Foxtel has a great range of football shows which are great to watch not forgetting Channel 9 on Thursday The AFL Footy Show and Footy Classified

  5. Who cares? It’s just another boring non-creative television station now

    I stopped watching One Week at a Time (huge fan of Ben Ikin) and The Game Plan (huge fan of Blocker Roach) when Ten dumped the IPL and I told them as much in a letter

    For every action there is an equal reaction

  6. Didn’t ten secure the rights to the ARIA charts about a year ago?

    Ok, after a quick look, I maybe have been making that up.

    But if they could get the rights back, they should do a rage top 50 of a Saturday morning and have music on 11 from 6am-12pm or something like that.

  7. One Week At A Time is the best AFL panel show airing any given week, and that’s even after it loses points for letting Robert Walls ramble on too long.

    As for the sports themselves, surely they’re not just going to be filling up all the daytime slots with yet more repeats of ancient American sitcoms and Dukes Of Hazard reruns – if the problem is primetime they should simply change their primetime lineup, sport during the day offers a genuine alternative, I hope ONE keeps it.

  8. Caught The Game Plan by accident the other night when sitting in a Red Rooster. Even without sound it was an infinitely better show about NRL than the fools on Ch Nein. This whole change puts paid to my hopes that OneHD would pursue the rights to the NRL when they came up for grabs. Sigh.

  9. i reckon the panel shows will all be shown after 1030pm. on the american sports they hold the rights to it all depends on whether they wanto repeat the nights before programming during the next day meaning they wont want show the nba,nfl, baseball etc.

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