14yo Jack Vidgen wows Australia’s Got Talent judges

Meet Jack Vidgen, just 14 years old, singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing."

Meet Jack Vidgen, aged 14 years old from Manly in Sydney.

He appears tonight in Australia’s Got Talent singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

Vidgen has previously performed at school concerts and wants to be Australia’s Justin Bieber.

It airs at 7:30pm tonight on Seven.


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  1. please please please please please, Jack! we r having a school fair, and all profit goes to charity and we really need to prove we have what it takes, just like what you did on Australias got talent! please contact me if possible!!!!! xxx

  2. Well done jack you deserve it.you have sung your heart out also you are at a young age and the world is your oyster. If it was me i would invest the money. Well done you did it and i voted every day to keep you in congrats mate

  3. :O I cannot believe this at all until I saw him on the television but I knew him! His best friend, Brooklyn, used to catch my bus in primary school, and he used to be a grade below me. :O He is an excellent singer, and will no doubtedly be hitting the charts in record-breaking time. Good job Jack!

  4. This young man has got it and Australia needs to see that he gets to the top of the list.
    We Canadians have our share but this young man is no less than any of our talented young people. You go Jack Vidgen, the sun ,moon and stars really do belong to you.

    Jim Bridges, Canada

  5. thanks for using my clip..jack vidgen.has already won..cant be beaten..people are contacting me from all over the world.and are voting as well.this boy is a talent that will go far..chooka was good.also a few other acts.and they also will go far ..but this year jack is the winner.and he is such a lovely mannered young boy.lots of respect.and doesnt love himseolf as some.once again thank you for using my clip./use ant you like..also i keep my pages free from swearing.bullying. slander,infact anything that is not family safe.as there are a lot of children on here and the web.and i want to start a trend.everyone should monitor their pages and keep them family safe..

  6. Many of Australia’s top talents have been introduced to our country via TV Talent Shows. It is a tough industry to break into otherwise and only the best of the best become true enduring stars.
    You are already a star Jack – win the competition or not!
    Please do not be phased by comparisons to other performers or by personal criticism. You have a unique talent and a persona which makes the audience smile. You obviously have the support of your Family who should be very proud of your achievements already. I wish you all the best for your future and anxiously await the release of your first CD.

  7. all i hav to say is im soooo in love with jack… he is an amazing singer and 1000000000 times shit all over justin bieber!!! he has brang joy in my life just by listenin to him sing, i wish all the best in his life xxx

  8. firstly, jack you truely are amazing what an awesome, inspiring voice you have.
    your parent’s are obviously so proud of you which is first and foremost take this great fame in which you are truely going to get from this amazing experience and run with it. you are sooo much better and hmm good looking lol than beiber ( although he is good ) not as good as you though.
    just ignore all the negative remarks that i have read so far they are all obviously deaf and blind. You rock and you have my vote to the end i would love a cd already.
    by the way whitney would be sooooo proud of the way you sang her song.
    can’t wait to see what you sing next make sure it has that wow factor as you do well done

  9. Master Jack..
    Young lad, you have a great start in life, keep your head together as you mature and if your parents will reconcile you have a great all round future ahead of you. Be yourself as you follow your dreams and remember you have an outstanding voice but you have a forthcoming teenage life to lead so put all in perspective.
    Power to you for the talent you have been gifted to receive, take it and go forth.
    Yours truly.. Dean

  10. Jack is just wonderful and unfortunatley on forums you get people who put nasty comments just for the sake of it. He is a real huge fine for Australia and will be around many many years
    Jack Believe in yourself and know just how good you are and you will win this show by miles

  11. Just to have the guts to go onstage and sing a song like that on national TV is absolutely amazing. His voice is Amazing!!! Might as well announce him the winner now!! I will be surprised if he doesn’t. He made worldwide news! Good luck, Jack, I am behind you all the way.

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