25 years of Oprah

Next week marks the end of The Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 years on air.

Winfrey has been America’s most successful female broadcaster for more than two decades, and the world’s most powerful celebrity. As an African-American woman in a post-Martin Luther King jr. / pre-Barack Obama era it is a remarkable achievement.

Winfrey represented hope to millions of American women, millions who struggled with their weight and millions more African-Americans. She marketed “optimism” brilliantly. Oprah‘s ‘ultimate dreams’ became the ultimate dreams of those who adored her.

Hers is a legacy that will reverberate through television for decades.

The final shows air in Australia 9pm Wednesday, 8:30pm Thursday an 9pm Friday on TEN.



  1. Armchair Analyst

    I used to watch Oprah frequently when i was young, but in recent years i have not watched at all because she seems to sensationalise certain issues or aspects of her show. Still a magnificent run, Hope she has succes with OWN.

  2. She has done very well. I have hardly ever watched her stuff, just the odd item as it always seemed just tooooo slushy american for me. But you can’t help admire her for identifying her market and exploiting it to the max.

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