A night of singing, dancing and cooking

Sunday night had a little bit of everything, as old and new viewers carved up the night.

Sunday night saw a minor shake-up in the ratings due to the Eurovision Song Contest, but it wasn’t enough to stop older viewers from flocking to Dancing with the Stars.

Seven’s dance competition hit 1.61m viewers, ahead of MasterChef Australia on 1.4m. TEN claimed the demos for the time the show was on air, but not  Total People.

Seven’s share for the night was an impressive 33.8% while TEN dropped down to 20.3%. That’s because many younger viewers were drawn to the camp fun of Eurovision. SBS rose to its best figure all year, 9.7% -just behind ABC’s 10.8%. In primary shares, SBS1’s 8.9% actually beat ABC1’s 8.8%. Eurovision averaged 503,000 viewers.

In the middle of the brawls, Nine did well to stay the distance and take second with 25.4%. Its best performer after Nine News was 60 Minutes (1.08m) and In Their Footsteps (1.05m up from 1.03m last week) but The Mentalist had to settle for 813,000).

The Great Rift: Africa’s Wild Heart on ABC1 was 774,000.

The top show for the night was Seven News on 1.74m viewers.

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  1. Put simply MC has worthy competition this time around. I think people need to be patient with MC, things are just heating up and it’ll only get better. Dancing with the Stars there’s only so much ‘Sun in’ contestants the Australian audience are going to put up with. Plus 7 has the upper hand on the older viewer demographic which is why MC loses out. I’m sure once MC finishes people flick on over to 7.
    DWTS will die down. I’m sure when AGT goes down to its Wednesday nights it’ll lose its viewers. The only time it’ll really amp up again is when the finals come around. Also I’m sure if MC had started its original air date compared to last year when it was aired 2 weeks earlier it would have a steady base.

  2. Channel 7, IMHO, is not that great. DWTS is old, and gets more boring every time I watch it. MC is new, refreshing and entertaining – this season hasnt really caught on yet for me perrsonally.

  3. Sundays are quite tragic for me at the moment, I’ve got MC and Degrassi and that is it!

    What I am really missing is something decent (according to my tastes) from 6.30 – 7.30.

    Only thing I watch on 7 is the Kardashians, everything else is intolerable so I do not get how they keep winning everything.

  4. @ Cameron, that is just ridiculous. I doubt anyone watches 7 just for the sake of it. I for one watch shows across all channels, although mostly 7 because that’s where most of the shows I like are. To say that people are watching 7 regardless of what’s on is just plain dumb

  5. I don’t understand why Brynne got accepted for the show (she’s a star? No but the hubby has money!) but she will now be safe for weeks thanks to the controversy which certainly helped 7’s ratings.

    DWT*Stars*? Should be called DWT Planetoids.

  6. Do ch9 have a plan to fight back? Have they got anything planned for later in the year to grab back viewers? Most of their reactions seem knee jerk and ill conceived.

    Still TV land is ridden with egos and ch7 are perfectly capable of becoming arrogant, if they start treating their viwers with a bit of contempt, the ratings will soon drop off, giving 9 an opportunity.

  7. Agree, Steven

    7 hit the boards running this year with good, established shows for the first three months and they’re so far ahead with their schedule for this 3 month term.

    10’s really only relying on Masterchef (can understand Little Lockie’s frustration) although I notice the Good Wife’s viewing numbers are improving. (so too Hawaii 50).

    9 don’t seem to have anything that appeals to anyone – they roll out another ill conceived concept and axe it three weeks later.

    Cannot see 9 going public this year… unless Mr Gordon decides to make ’em an offer… and complete his network at a bargain price…

  8. More and more Australians are becoming obsessed with Seven! The network is as addictive as smoking but I am smarter than that. I chose to watch what I wanted to based on the programs I like and that was shows on Nine, Ten and also a brand new ep of the Middle on GO! No room for DWTS on my schedule but well done to Brynne for standing up to the judges. Sad that most of Seven’s judges and presenters are unwatchable. If only Celebrity Masterchef was still on, she could have entered that with no problem.

  9. 7 is on fire. Is masterchef down on last year or are 7’s shows doing better? (namely AGT and DWS?) with amazing race as sure a thing as black caviar 7 seems a very good number.

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