Airdate: Cast Offs

This fictional reality TV show tells the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island.

BAFTA nominated series Cast Offs will premiere on SBS next Monday night.

Set as a fictional reality TV show in a mockumentary-style drama, this offbeat series tells the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island.

The reality format is peppered with sex, profanity and politically incorrect dialogue. As the camera crew follows their struggle with island life – from learning to build their own homes and grow their own food, to fights, births and falling in love – flashbacks reveal more about each of them and the year leading up to the moment they are left stranded.

Each episode focuses on one character who in real life share the same disabilities as the characters they portray. The 6 part series includes characters who are blind, thalidomide affected, deaf, and afflicted by cherubism and dwarfism.

The series is co-created by Jack Thorne, who has written for Skins, Shameless and This Is England ’86.

Episode 1: Dan
Six months in a wheelchair, Dan is sweet and slightly naive. When he arrives on the island and meets the other Cast Offs for the first time, Dan realises that he’s only just beginning his journey of discovery: Tom is blind but handy with a shotgun, Carrie is about three feet tall, but her ego is the size of a small country. Gabby is pregnant and can’t hear anyone else, but makes sure everyone hears her, Will wants to change the world and April just wants everyone to get along. It’s going to be quite a ride.

It starts Monday, 30 May at 10.30pm on SBS ONE.


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  1. Actually it wasn’t nominated for best drama series – the only nomination it received was for best titles, a category relegated to the BAFTA television ‘craft’ awards. Not only is it inaccurate for SBS to tout it as BAFTA winning, it even seems misleading to tout it as BAFTA nominated, given the category it was nominated in.

  2. It was nom’d for Best Drama series. I don’t think it won. Don’t know much about this. It could be good or it could be cringe-worthy but I’ll def be giving it a look.

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