Airdate: Come Fly With Me

You’ve seen the promos (many of them) and now we finally have a premiere date for Come Fly With Me, the newest comedy venture from Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

It will begin at 8pm Monday, 16th May on Nine.

The series which parodies an airport observational series sees Lucas and Walliams playing multiple characters. It was filmed at London’s Stansted airport.

Set in the busiest airport in the United Kingdom, Come Fly With Me is a side-splitting view of the people who work in and pass through it every day, from flight crew to check-in, paparazzi to passengers, and from catering staff to immigration.

Lucas and Walliams draw on every aspect of airport life to create an amazing array of richly comic characters, playing almost 50 between them including Omar Baba, owner of FlyLo, Britain’s eighth favourite cheapo airline.

Over on the check-in desks are perky Melody and Keeley. Melody is saving up for the second half of her breast implant operation while Keeley is fending off the attentions of Tommy Reid, who works in the food court and wants to become a pilot.

Then there’s Precious Little – a jolly, busty West Indian lady who works at the coffee kiosk. She’s a potential target for Ian Foot, the patriotic Chief Immigration Officer whose keen eye for illegal foreigners is tempered only by his lack of geographical knowledge.

Over in arrivals are Mickey and Buster, the resident paparazzi who wait for celebrities to turn up so they can insult them. We also follow the staff of the prestigious airline Great British Air, from Penny Carter, snobby guardian of its first class cabin, to special services executive Moses Beacon who is always happy to look after passengers in distress, especially famous ones.

We meet Simon and Jackie Trent, a husband and wife pilot team who are still together after Simon’s one-night stand five years ago, even though she brings it up constantly. We also follow the progress of Fearghal O’Farrell as he competes to become steward of the year. He’s working very hard to ensure he wins, even if it means force-feeding peanuts to a passenger with a nut allergy.

Then there are the unlucky FlyLo passengers like Peter and Judith, who relate the sordid details of their disaster-prone trips. Or the Woods family who turn up a week early and decide to holiday in the terminal.

Your trip to the airport will never be the same after you watch Come Fly With Me.


  1. To all those who say ‘its racist/rude/homophobic’ the idea is that it’s satire. Its not openly rude, it just mocks the attitude of some people towards gays/foreigners etc. In a way, its showing you how its wrong to say those things. The only reason it might not be a hit over here, is that it has lots of regional british comedy, that aussies wont get:)

  2. To all of the ‘know all’s’ that are already knocking this show. Were you not taught, if you can say anyting nice, Don’t say anything at all.

  3. This series is more accessible and tamer than Little Britain, however there are still the racist/homophobic jokes. Its a kind of a mockumentary of the whole Airport / Airline series. If you don’t care for British humor you won’t like this. However this should be on ABC not Nine. Everything Nine does these days seems to tank.

  4. Looking forward to it, well the first ep……
    until you post a different day or time & replaced by TBBT? then I probably wont bother.
    Shame the ABC didn’t pick it up.

  5. Should be a good series but if 9 can get their hands on Mrs Brown’s boys that would be even better. Funniest show I have seen in years

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    I don’t know why it’s taken this long for Nine to program it (I guess they still call this fast-tracking) but I’m glad it’s finally here.

    Must say that I agree that the early time-slot is curious as I would’ve thought that some of the content was perhaps too strong for then. Perhaps they’ll cut the rude bits out.

    This will bring the number of shows that I watch on Nine to… one. Hope this does well enough that I don’t have to go chasing it all over the place.

  7. its only 6 eps, Nine might as well stick with it. no point airing a couple and taking it off. they should encore it on GO that same night before Little Britain, when I first saw the ads I thought it was quite odd it was airing on Nine. its better suited for GO, or even GEM.

  8. This will not attract 700 k of an audience. Move it to GO! now and it will attract at least 250,000 viewers.

    Mike and Molly would have been great had it stayed on Wednesdays before BIG !

  9. Really interesting choice of a timeslot – Mondays @ 8pm. – if the promos are anything to go by it might be quite funny but obviously tamer than Little Britain.

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