Airdate: Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable

Lawrence Leung's next series will seek to poke fun at our own misconceptions and test the limits of our beliefs.

Lawrence Leung, who featured in Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure, returns to ABC1 with a new six-part comedy documentary next month.

In a search for truth, Leung will embark on a ‘mind-bending quest to examine the irrational, the improbable and the impossible ‘with his own curious quasi-scientific research and somewhat ludicrous real-life experiments.

Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable will seek to poke fun at our own misconceptions and test the limits of our beliefs.

“Following the success of the popular Choose Your Own Adventure series, we are excited to bring viewers Lawrence’s new adventures, presented in his unique and quirky style of storytelling.” says Brendan Dahill, Controller ABC1.

“Lawrence is a fearless explorer in a world chock full of notions that bewilder us,” says Amanda Duthie, Head of ABC TV Arts & Entertainment. “He courageously tackles a world of psychics, ghosts and UFOs, a place where real magic happens.”

Executive producer Julian Morrow added, “Lawrence is a smart, funny and endearing comedian.

“That’s why he prefers not to work with The Chaser.”

It premieres Wednesday June 15 at 9.30pm.

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  1. @RSBrown – because that’s what the ABC is for – to nurture people of ability without the necessary pressure for great ratings. The emphasis is on quality (unless the ratings are a total dog, that is).

    I think you’re really just saying, you don’t like him, which is fine, but why not just say that?

  2. That’s right, don’t try to build an audience, or new talent… really, don’t try anything.

    Just import crap that someone, somewhere else put some risk into… aimed at the lowest common denominator in some other country.

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