American Idol: Scotty vs Lauren

And so, we are down to Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina for the title of American Idol 2011.

Haley Reinhart was voted out this week, sealing a run of strong contenders being eliminated before her: Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk and James Durbin.

It looks like a country and western singer could take it out this year -which, if nothing else, would surely make for a nice change.

The Final will air live in Australia at 10am Thursday and replay at 7:35pm. NB: TV Tonight will be blogging live results.


  1. I was so annoyed by the American public’s decision to keep Scotty and Lauren around while James, Haley, Pia and Casey all went.

    Like others have said, Haley had come such a long way in the competition. She had such confidence and a strong musical identity. In the last verdict show she was sooooo comfortable on stage. Lauren is not a great performer- she has a great voice but just doesn’t have the stage presence. I think she will be eaten up by the industry if she wins. But I would still rather her win over Scotty.

  2. Scotty will definitely win. Shame that Haley couldn’t make the finale, especially considering that she’s wayyyyy better than both Scotty and Lauren, but she did really well to get that far, considering she was almost booted in the early rounds.

    You people should get into The Voice which is now airing in the US – awesome show, definitely sets itself apart from Idol and X Factor. I won’t be surprised at all if Ten makes a play for the Aussie rights to The Voice – especially if it continues to pull in very decent numbers in the US. 😉

  3. Neither will have a decent career they are boring. And i cant imagine there music will be any better. I loved haley only interesting one this season. Idol is crap!

  4. After James was eliminated,Haley had my sole attention and now I’m slightly forced to go for Lauren… As long as Scotty doesn’t go, I’m happy.

    Hayley, James, Casey and even Pia will most definitely get recording contracts anyway!

  5. I was very disappointed personally but seeing that Haley had been in the bottom 3 since the top 13, she probably got the best exposure possible.

    Scotty will probably win seeing that the teenagers are voting in drabs this year. He hasn’t grown a single bit since the start nor has he done anything different. I hope he shows us something new in the finale. Lauren, while she’s been neutral for me all season, is who I’m going for now. But she’s not gonna win…

  6. I was very saddened to see Haley go. She really grew and worked her tail off throughout the series.
    I’d prefer to see Lauren win, but I think it’s a fate accompli that Scotty’s got it in the bag.

  7. Scott & Lauren

    Having never watched a full episode of idol, it was a bit strange to see my name and my partner’s name trending on twitter yesterday. Even better when most of the tweets were saying how good we were.

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