Awkward Dancing judges upstage the show

A new judge trying to assert his personality while trying to generate more publicity around Brynne Edelsten will backfire with audiences.

Dancing with the Stars had another upstaging moment last night when Brynne Edelsten’s dance partner Arsen Kishishian answered back to new judge Josh Horner.

It was an awkward live TV moment as Horner tried to justify criticism of Kishishian’s choreography which he said left Edelsten vulnerable on the dance floor.

Todd McKenney defended Kishishian saying, “You can’t get a better partner than Arsen.

“What you’re doing is protecting her to the best of your ability.”

It looked like the show was caught between a judge trying to assert his personality too soon while trying to generate more publicity around Edelsten. Host Daniel MacPherson was right in trying to mediate, but by then it was a bit of a lost cause that had dragged on a long time.

Feuding judges may get you headlines in the paper tomorrow, but at the expense of long term loyalty from viewers. How quickly everyone has forgotten that theatrics from judges in early seasons of Australian Idol were treated with contempt. 

Meanwhile, cricketer Nathan Bracken was the first contestant eliminated from the show last night.

“It was short and sweet,” he said afterwards. ”It’s been fun and a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for my chosen charity, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. It’s a cause I feel very strongly about.”

Next week in a celebrity-driven show former American Idol singer and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson will perform.

It will also include Olivia Newton-John and singer James Blunt.

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  1. Helen looked like Cruella last night. Lol. I like the new judge, agreed with his comments, and enjoy the (fake or not) controversy. I haven’t bothered watching since season 1, only tuned in this year to support a friend and have found it to be more skewed to a younger audience now days, maybe that has helped lift ratings? I think George on Masterchef’s ego may have something to do with softer numbers for MC, only early days though.

  2. I think they just have to get used to working with each other. Todd also may be a bit bitter that Mark got the boot and Josh has replaced him.

    But Josh was gracious towards Brynne last night. Im sure when she goes it will all settle down

  3. Yup, the controversy overload so far this season is paying off in spades for DWTS. It won its slot comfortably last night over the previously unassailable juggernaut that is MasterChef.

  4. @Bella, no, only half of the cast do ballroom each week then swap with the other half the following week. i think its been that way for the whole 11 seasons. Mark Wilson had very little ballroom experience as well.

    Not quite sure what this season has that is drawing in so many viewers compared to previous seasons, same timeslot, similar competition. every season has had major controversies, arianne caoli lied about her experience, Gerad Gosens being judged at the same level as the others, Todd hating Nikki webster, Luda fighting with helen over the west coast swing, Jamie duries experience as a professional dancer, Naomi Robsons partner changing after his face was jetski’d over.

    but whatever it id it is really bringing the viewers in.

  5. I used like Sonia, but some her jokes and the way she sometimes presents her self is a bit too desperate “look at me”. Honestly I think they should of just moved on.

    I didn’t know or read anything about Josh before, but Todd mentioned that he doesn’t have any ballroom experience. Which I think would be needed since all the dancing is ballroom.

  6. Why are so many people hassling Josh? His job is to judge, not to make viewers happy by giving meaningless neutral comments or compliments. Arsen was incredibly rude and unprofessional to jump in over the top of Josh and speak to the audience to get them on his side. The only thing the controversy did was make me see Arsen as a an ego-filled person who will degrade others to protect his own ego.

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