Collectors: May 13

This week, BMX bikes, uni cycles, Cyclops scooters and dragsters and 6240 Tarot cards.

Here is the next batch of stories coming up on ABC’s Collectors this week:

Nisaba Merrieweather from Central Coast NSW is a tarot card reader who can’t resist adding a new deck to her collection – she now has 80 decks comprising of 6240 cards.

The Director of the National Museum of Australia, Andrew Sayers, joins Adrian and Claudia to chat about the nostalgic exhibition, Not Just Ned. The Irish in Australia.

David Henderson is obsessed with Pratt ware table and home wares and now has the largest collection in Australia.

On that note, if you’ve dropped or chipped your cherished pot, plate or cup, Gordon Brown looks at the skills and techniques used by a professional ceramic restorer to fix the problem.

Daryl Fox from the Hunter Valley s passionate about BMX bikes, uni cycles, Cyclops scooters and dragsters but it’s his Swing Bikes from the 1970s that really get him going.

It airs at 8pm Friday on ABC1.

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  1. The problem with this program is that all presenters come across as shonks. The Scot, the unshaven plastic person and the ditzy flapper. Jeez, really. It is unwatchable.

    Surely the ABC has the nous and a few remaining quid to mount a serious discussion of antiques. The definition of an antique is, following the British standard, which applies in Australia: An object that is 100 hundred years old.

    Objects that don’t fit that standard are, normally, depending on the honesty of your dealer, labelled “vintage”, which means the object was probably made last Tuesday week, just across the road.

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