Four Corners puts live exports on the agenda

Four Corners would appear to have put a new issue on the government’s agenda after screening devastating footage of the slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs.

Sarah Ferguson’s report was horrific television with animals cruelly slaughtered.

The vision was traumatic, numbing stuff… No wonder the industry immediately suspended the supply of Australian cattle to Indonesia ahead of the programme airing.

Four Corners
also included damning criticism from US doctor of animal science Temple Grandin, who was the subject of an HBO biopic after revolutionising practices for the humane handling of livestock on cattle ranches.

The issue even spilled over into Q & A and on Twitter last night the subject was trending with many calling for the government to ban live exports:

BondiVet: That was the most confronting hour of tv I’ve ever seen. Things must change. #4corners

molluscan: Those poor animals, they were watching terrified as others were tortured and cut up in front of them #4corners

catsman09: i cant watch anymore of this #4corners this is sad

abbotsfordkitch: Disturbing stuff on #4corners. Hard to watch. But we need to know what goes on.

EmilyPecky: This is just heartbreaking #4corners #banliveexport

GoMarz72: Why has it been allowed to go on for so long? Where have you been? #RSPCA #banliveexport

AnthonyLoConte: #4corners you had me walk out of the lounge room.

RockBub11: Watched as much as I could of #4corners but couldn’t keep going. I think I just became vegetarian.

damo0010: Sick 2 my stomach over the footage on #4corners 2night. Denial is not an option in the face of such suffering. Stop the trade NOW!

JenesseNg: Agreed. Movement for change #LiveExport RT @BondiVet: That was the most confronting hour of tv I’ve ever seen. Things must change #4corners


  1. I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch this, just hearing about it is upsetting, I don’t understand why the religion requires cruelty, any religion that requires torture of helpless creatures needs to be abolished, if that is truly what it endorses it needs to be outlawed. We have raised cattle on our property and have treated them well throughout their lives, made sure they were well fed, even treated them like pets. Then we get out a professional butcher who kills them with 1 shot to the head so they are dead instantly. Any sort of cruelty is totally unecessary, people can still have meat on their table without animals suffering. Unfortunately for some reason treating animals humanely seems to be a western concept, I have done speaches in the past about how they deliberately torture dogs in asia before killing them for food because they believe the adrenaline makes the meat taste better. For some reason there is just some inherent cultural view that animals are just worthless and can be treated horribly. In my opinion cruelty to animals is just a stepping stone to cruelty and violence towards people, they will escalate to mistreating humans if they haven’t already.

  2. Ok now i’ve watched the repeat at 11.30pm and I am shocked and disgusted. I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. It’s not just the cruel slaughter of cattle, it’s the slaughtering them at all that makes me sad. The real animals are the men who inflict this torture on innocent beautiful creatures.

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