Foxtel / Xbox becomes unmetered on Telstra

Good news for Xbox 360 users watching Foxtel via Telstra BigPond broadband with confirmation they will no longer be charged for data.

There will also be six BigPond TV channels added to the service from today: FOOTY TV the AFL channel, LEAGUE TV the NRL channel, V8 Supercars Australia, RACING TV with TVN, BigPond Sport TV, and BigPond News.

These channels will be available to all Get Started subscribers on Xbox at no additional charge.

From June games from the current season of AFL and NRL will be available on the service as Catch Up video on demand, and a highlights piece will also be available for each game.

Live AFL will be added to Xbox from the start of the 2012 season.

Foxtel Executive Director of Product & Sales, Patrick Delany said, “This arrangement with Telstra is a big win for Foxtel on Xbox 360 users, allowing unmetered access to thousands of hours of great programming – all without a Foxtel fixed term contract. There are around 1.3 million Xbox consoles in Australia and getting unmetered access to Foxtel on Xbox 360 is now as simple as plugging into BigPond internet to give subscription TV a go.

“The Foxtel on Xbox 360 service offers Foxtel’s huge amount of exclusive and first run TV programming, plus access to hours and hours of On Demand TV episodes, new release films and movie favourites. There’s always something to watch, either live or On Demand and it’s simple to sign up online and start watching straight away.”

Foxtel channels became available through Xbox 360 for a basic subscription of $19.50 a month to those with an XBox Live membership in metro areas of Australia.


  1. @Secret Squirrel
    iiNet *don’t* unmeter Foxtel on Xbox 360 traffic for a couple of reasons.
    Firstly, the way the content is delivered is highly inefficient compared with say TPG IPTV or iiNet’s FetchTV which require a bit of modem smarts to connect to the service. The inefficient method means it would be a burden on iiNet’s network which they couldn’t afford.

    Secondly, as mentioned before, iiNet has their FetchTV service with some of the same channels as Foxtel of Xbox 360, such as MTV, but they are very different, *competing* services. iiNet isn’t going to give Foxtel a free run when they’re a competitor!

    What you might be confused with it the fact that iiNet unmeters Xbox Live, which includes online gaming and downloads on Xbox Live, but does not include Foxtel.

    As for me, I will be getting this [Foxtel of Xbox 360] for the summer months — too much of a distraction during uni! I’d never get anything done!

  2. It has never been metered it was just that Bigpond has only just announced it but as long as Foxtel has been on Xbox it has not been metered

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Tel$tra is always playing catchup with any tech – ADSL, VoIP, IPTV. They are the Channel Nine of ISPs. It’s been unmetered on iiNet from Day 1.

  4. Just incredible that it wasn’t unmetered in the first place.

    Still incredible you can only get it in certain areas so regional monopolies are preserved. And no HD. On an ‘HD console’. In 2011.

  5. Yes, this is encouraging news. Despite me not owning an Xbox or living in a Foxtel service area. I would like pay tv through a games console unmetered.

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