Fringe, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena update

Fans of Fringe and Spartacus, pay attention. This could get a little confusing.

GO! has advised of changes that will affect fans of Fringe and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (yes, Nine has resumed sending Amendments once again).

Spartacus will now premiere this Wednesday at 9:30pm instead of a week later.

But the move interrupts plans for a double episode of Fringe at 8:30pm. The second episode, which is rated AV, is now scheduled to air at 10:30pm, leaving the line up as follows:

Wed May 4
8:30pm Fringe
9:30pm Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
10:30pm Fringe

A week later it makes a bit more sense:

Wed May 11
8:30pm Fringe
9:30pm Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
10:30pm Nikita

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  1. I love Fringe & Spartacus as they are my favourite shows on TV. Please make sure that we get to see all the episodes as there are alot of fans out there like me who look forward to Wednesday nights!

  2. Why can’t Australian Television support Fringe which stars two fantastic Australian actors in Anna Torv and John Noble?

    Shame on the Australian TV industry. Fringe has been shafted by Channel 9, although it’s about to film its 4th season, whilst crap such as no ordinary family, likely to be cancelled in its first season, is promoted to death by C 7. Are we just too afraid of Australian success stories?

  3. I sometimes wonder if TV channels actually care if we watch or not, just as long as they are getting their money from the advertisers.
    And they seem to be almost asking us to download shows because they don’t care about us any more…

  4. I hope the Foxtel DVR can handle the Fringe split. David, do you know if they are going to run all of Fringe S02? They appear to have eps 1&2 queued up late night. Poor GO!; if only they understood some grownups really do watch their channel.

  5. Just when I think they’ve got their act together they do this. I wondered if it was too good to be true. Why can’t it be done simply? They could just put Spartacus on at 10.30. So the people that want to watch Fringe can and those that want to see Spartacus can. I did want to watch Spartacus at first but they put the first episode on during the Federal Election. If they had of waited two weeks later… So I never did get to see it. Oh well. Too bad I wanted to see if I could get some people watching Fringe on the night but the 10.30pm thing makes it impossible. I guess a couple of pluses is hopefully they haven’t edited Fringe also I can watch At the Movies at 10pm. Thanks David. Until the next amendment.

  6. That line-up actually makes sense. Shame that they f..ked Fringe fans over long enough that I have been watching it on Hulu. So, tick that box. Now, will Go! resist the urge to trash the schedule if it doesn’t rate it’s arse off first time around?

    Personally I think they should pretend that they haven’t already aired 2 eps of Nikita by stealth and replay them so that the rest of us can watch them properly. I’ve waited for Nikita because the series story arc isn’t as critical as for Fringe and because the gap is between seasons and not an artificial one of six weeks (or only a “few” weeks to those who aren’t actually fans of the show).

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