Global Television signs deal with Nine

Global Television has signed a multi-year agreement with Nine to facilitate all Nine productions at Docklands Studios in Melbourne.

Docklands is now home to almost all of Nine’s bigger productions since it vacated its historic Bendigo Street studios, with small productions such as Nine News and A Current Affair at its new Bourke Street headquarters.

Global Television has provided technical expertise and all of the broadcast technical systems needed to set up the facility for Nine.

Nine Network Managing Director Jeff Browne said: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Global Television at Nine’s new state-of-the-art Docklands Studios.

“Already we have drawn on their capabilities and experience for Hot Seat and The Footy Show and look forward to collaborating on numerous successful ‘Made in Melbourne’ programs.”

Global Television CEO Keith Andrews said: “Melbourne has been an important part of the Nine network’s history and Global is delighted to be part of their future at Docklands.

“Global Television is all about bringing compelling content to life, and Nine’s Docklands Studios are an exceptional environment for our studio and broadcast technical expertise to shine, delivering a winning production solution for Nine.”

Nine previously announced a permanent rental of a space at Dockland Studios through to 2015. Productions have also included Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth, Million Dollar Drop and Between the Lines.


  1. Talking of Global Studios – does anyone know whats happening to the studios in South Melbourne (they shoot Dancing With The Stars there) – I notice new buildings going up around them. Are they staying put?

  2. So that explains why the contents of GTV’s service department went up for auction last month. I feel sorry for the engineers who worked for years at Bendigo St to find their jobs outsourced after the move – clearly the redundancies extend further than the master control & transmission staff they previously announced.

    It’s disappointing that the networks no longer want to retain and compete with their technical people – the crews at Global work across all of the commercial channels providing a similar service and it’s seen by management as acceptable, yet you’d never see them using the same pooling system for their on-screen talent!

  3. More like 9 strong armed the then Labor government and basically threatened to shutdown production in Melbourne if they didn’t get a sweet deal on Docklands… true story.

  4. Will be interesting what happens in Sydney when Nine moves out of Willoughby. The Global Studios at Redfern are co-located with Seven. So maybe Nine could move to Fox Studios at Moore Park as has been hinted at in previous years.

  5. So this is basically an extension of the ‘out sourcing’ of TV production from the networks to a contractor? As we have seen in the recent Fairfax announcement regarding sub editors, management thinks costs can be cut but will it always produce quality?

  6. @Baz.

    Nine have signed the long term lease with the Vic Govt for the use of the studios. In turn, Nine have then signed Global to manage their facility.

  7. So… I still don’t understand… The Vic Govt owns he Studios but Nine have done a deal with Global for their use. How does that work?

    @Armchair Analyst: Global are just a facilities company, not a production company, so they can’t be held accountable for a production’s failure or success.

    Also, there hasn’t been a lot of publicity about Between The Lines, but I did find a reference to a pilot being made by Nine back in 2009 with Eddie as host. Is this the same thing?

  8. @armchair analyst.

    Nine doesnt need the partnership with global to work at all to improve their actual content.

    Global plays no part in what goes to air other than managing the studio facilities.

  9. do you see my point david…. some people just get on here to bag ch 9 …even when they are so horribly wrong… balanced criticism is needed, and i do realise its not you…and there are a few 7 and 10 haters as well…but me thinks 9 gets the majority…

  10. Armchair Analyst

    I remember when global where mainly associated with Network Ten in the last decade. In my opinion the 9 Network need this partnership to work, especially with the failure of Ben Eltons latest show.

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