It sucks! Vampire Diaries fans slam GO!

Fans of The Vampire Diaries slammed GO! last night on their Facebook site and in online forums for pulling the show at the last minute.

Nine’s “Urgent” amendment, replacing the show with a movie, Bride Wars, was announced at 5:13pm, less than 3.5 hours before the show was due to air. It was even too late for online EPGs let alone print guides. Angry fans even vented that Nine’s own website was still plugging Vampire Diaries. Many insisted they would watch the show via downloads instead. Some were so angry they set up a “Boycott GO!” Facebook page.

TV Tonight also received a significant number of complaints.

Fan fury follows GO! recently resting the series only to drop it with just 3 episodes remaining in the series. It’s a terrible way to treat viewers. With the network’s ratings right now it is a risky move to jeopardise viewer loyalty.

The reason for the late change isn’t clear, but some were questioning whether Nine had pulled Vampire Diaries to try to send more viewers towards the premiere of Between the Lines at the same time.

By late last night the official GO! Facebook page had been flooded with complaints, none of which had been answered by the moderator. The question now is whether the network will explain the reason for the switcheroo and apologise to viewers.

Here is a sample of some of the complaints:

Cat Taylor
I want to see “The Vampire Diaries. Season 2 Episode 20. “The Last Day”. 🙁

Tara O’Flaherty
what the hell….. why do u keep doin this…. Y wasnt Vampire Diaries on???

Jessica Dreyer
u really suck go for taking vampire diaries off again for the second time without explaination after advertising it all week 2 be on!!!!

Nicole Challis
I am with the rest of the people who currently don’t like GO. I was looking forward to Vampire Diaries and Mars Attacks. It was just wrong, when you advertise something you should show it.

Sarah Palmer
Sick to death of really looking forward to watching the next epsiode of Vampire Diaries to only have it replaced by BRIDE WARS!!! GO get your self sorted and play what you advertise!! Seriously can not believe you have done this yet again!! Even your website says it should be Vamp Diaries!!!!!

Damian Harper
Gotta get your priorities straight!!!

Andrea Fabe-Heywood
GO! = Worst channel ever

Adele K. Thomas
Im not surprised, its actually pretty normal of Nine to do this. Ive seen them screw around with some of my favourite shows like ER. I cant believe one season wasnt on for like two years, then when they started playing it again, no notice. So to see them doing it with Fringe, Vampire Diaries and Nikita is no shock.

Codee Mullings
does anybody know when vampire diaries comes out on dvd? kinda REALLY getting sick of GO! screwing us around so ima just wait for the dvd!!

Kylie Brown
Please tell my why the hell vampire diaries was not on tonight!!!! Not cool at all I’ve been hanging all freaking day for it???????? Is it on next week?? It’s only be back on for 3 weeks… Put it bak on!

Vicky Soar Smith
GO! You Suck!!!….Got no fickin idea with what the hell is going on with your tv programme. What happened to Vampire Diaries? I only found out it was back on last week by mistake and on a Thursday after it had been on Monday’s for ages. Why keep changing all the time? Looks like there is a few unhappy viewers on here too. Hope you get more complaints!!!!

Rachel Hewish
What happend to The Vampire Diaries tonight??!! You got some stupid marriage flick I’m not interested in….very disappointed. Stop advertising what you don’t screen…not the first time…

Sarah Palmer
Go have updated thier website saying that the next episode is Sunday 15May at 2.10AM!!!!! Seriously sort your crap out and realise what your viewers want!!!!!

UPDATE: Vampire Diaries is now 11:50pm Sundays beginning May 15.


  1. I don’t watch TVD, but really think its pretty bad of GO! just to “dump” the show like that. They always had TVD in their promos. Though like some other people have pointed out Nine has being doing this for years, stuffing around with cult shows.

  2. To those people saying it’s a business, if you run just about any other business this way, you’d be out of business pretty quickly!
    Lets face it, how many people would pay for this service if it wasn’t free? That’s the reason it stays in business, only until more people find other options, then they’ll have to adapt like the music industry has had to.

  3. I am an adult who has watched Vampire Diaries from the beginning. I’m sick of GO changing the day the time, the everything. It has been very hard to try and follow the series. Thank god for Austar at least you can tape it and watch it later. I have a group of friends who were very P’d Off with the sudden change on Thursday night as it was monday then thursday and now sunday. Come on GO I love the Big Bang and Two and a Half Men but how many repeats do we need when we can’t even finish this series??????

  4. I’ll admit I hope they try fixing it for the third season i.e. play it at 8.30pm. Obviously after the DVDs and new episodes are out. I suggest the obvious in don’t put it against sci-fi Thursday. Now V is not around there’s that slot on Wednesday with Fringe. Keep them up to date with the U.S. and to make the time-shifted episodes up to date too. So the people can convert to primetime at any time. Because if the time-shifted people are one or two episodes behind then they can’t convert to primetime even if they wanted to. That’s what I did with Fringe as GO! had a sensible time-shift policy at the time. Also try to be less than two weeks behind the U.S. and preferably less than a week. Obviously holidays will rate terribly. Either accept it or try to use the U.S. breaks wisely. Either way there will be some erosion. I just ask for them to please not mess up season 3. Because it should be one of their best rated shows. I’ll admit I’m no expert and also there’s possibly Alcatraz that might be able to be paired with Fringe. I’ll admit I really do hope Fringe stays on Wednesday. Unless Eleven mess things up for them. I’ll admit for me personally Monday had Supernatural and Q&A. So that’s why I can’t watch it then. But I’m one person.

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