Kathy Bates is in The Office

If you can’t get enough of Kathy Bates in Harry’s Law she is also appearing in The Office tonight on ELEVEN, in the second of two new episodes.

Looks like a big hair episode.

“The Banker”

Season 6, Episode 14
When a potential buyer comes to Dunder Mifflin, Michael, Dwight, Andy and Pam pull out all the stops in hopes of impressing him with their high profile contacts. Michael reminisces about all the great times they have had in the office.

Season 6, Episode 15
When Sabre comes in to take over Dunder Mifflin, Michael struggles to accept Sabre’s new policies. Pam and Jim have an interview for a local daycare they really want to get into. Andy and Erin work on a welcome song for Sabre as Erin waits for Andy to ask her out.
Kathy Bates guest stars.


  1. Oh 11 are catching up.

    Fingers crossed they’ll be all caught up for a fast-tracked season 8 and I won’t have to resort to other sources anymore.

  2. It’s funny because there was a similar review in The SMH TV Guide for a double episode block tonight on Eleven, but then the guide itself had Frasier on at 9pm? Oh well I’ll record both just in case.

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