New Zealand picks up AFP series

TV3 NZ has picked up Nine's new observational documentary series AFP: Australian Federal Police.

TV3 NZ has picked up Nine’s new observational documentary series AFP: Australian Federal Police.

The new series from from Zapruder’s Other Films will make its international debut in New Zealand from May 17.

“The stories in this series have universal appeal, revealing the extraordinary work police do that we never normally see” says Executive Producer Andrew Denton. “So I’m delighted AFP will screen on TV3.”

The series which began two weeks ago follows the Australian Federal Police as they undertake major operations dealing with people smuggling, counter terrorism; bomb disposal, international drug syndicates; child sex exploitation and disaster victim identification.

A second series is now in post-production.

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  1. & crappo it is! Probably did some cheap deal on it just to satisfy egos…little does NZ know what they’re in for. Bad ratings & poor quality TV not even worth watching. Waste of time & money if you ask me. Disappointing coming from Zapruder really but then again so is Hungry Beast 8(.

  2. unfortunately, Denton had to stoop to the same format as Lyndal Marks uses for Border Security and all the clones…cheap single camera, agency supplied PR footage and endless repeats of the same voice over ad infinitum…. nothing irritates me more than the constant repeating of the narrative FFS, why do this ?

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