Nine News / ACA Q&A

Channel Nine’s Tracy Grimshaw, Peter Hitchener, Tony Jones and Livinia Nixon will be answering questions from viewers in another livestream tomorrow night.

The Q&A from the Channel 9 Studios in Docklands, Melbourne will take place online at 7:30pm.

Questions can be posted via twitter using hashtag: #9stream or at

You can check it out at


  1. I wrote to John Hill MP for the southern suburbs about our deterating roads with many pot holes and roads that have been resurfaced recently but have subsided within a short time. I even challenged him to have a ride in my car at my expense, but he wasn’t game. He wrote back with a letter that has so many excuses that sounded very poor for better words
    Yours faithfully John Hughes

  2. Robyn Futcher

    Loved watching the #9stream. Listening to Tracy and Peter especially, so much experience and advice for wannabe journos just starting off – was lovely of them to share their knowledge.
    Chuffed I got two questions answered. Ok, one, no one panics when gremlins appear out of the blue while on air. And two, hopefully TG does an ‘exclusive’ interview at least once a week. (Fingers crossed on that one)
    Thanks again to Rob McKnight for co-ordinating it all. Great job.

  3. I watched it and it was very interesting,even having a few laughs along the way which was good.They did answer a few questions even answered a question i asked.People who don’t watch the 9 news in Melbourne and live in other parts of Australia check it out,this is the best news service in the country.Mac they did answer that question ACA your referring to.No surprise here as i knew this answer it’s all based on ratings,they put stories up Australian’s want to watch simple as that.If you missed it tonight it will be up on Youtube very soon.If you have seen David Brown do channel 7 weather in Melbourne you would watch Livinia everytime she is a great presenter

  4. Not a lot of point doing this. Commercial network local news tends to be dumbed down, sound bite, mush. ACA/TT are both tabloid sensatioinalism. As previously stated Livinia knows very little about the weather. The personalities just read stuff and do as they are told, making this a totally pointless exercise except for folk who wish to fire off a load of insults..

    @SG….do you work for ch9?

  5. Just two questions : Was it a joint decision with Today Tonight to downgrade the national standard of what passes for journalism in Australia and are they proud?

  6. Dear Tracey, how much longer do you intend to stomp all over your credibility as a journalist by hosting ACA?

    I wonder if she’d answer that?

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