Offspring gets nekkid

….oh my¬†there’s a bit of flesh in Monday night’s episode of Offspring.

Boys, girls, and all that awkward Nina Proudman romance….or is it just a¬†fantasy?

Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by Carrie Bickmore too (yes, she will be clothed).

It airs 8:30pm Monday night on TEN.


  1. They’d need to do more than flash the flesh to get me to watch this crud again. The characters are annoying, the stories are thin and, like pretty much all Aussie drama, it has absolutely nothing to say. Why do the writers in this country not get that stories are supposed to convey ideas, not just deliver plot?!!

  2. I just wanna know why asher keddie has to get those ugly things out again, why can’t jay bunyan get out his dingaling for a change?!

  3. I understand this is a chick flick but I watched most of the series with my wife last year and it just got sillier and AK’s character more frustrating. I watched the first ep but when Kat & Eddie’s characters pashed on their ill-father’s bed proclaiming they need to make a baby, that was enough for me. While not my cup of tea, it’s good to see Oz trying something like this and I really hope the ratings show women like it.

  4. Sometimes the pure nastiness eminating from these comments pages is just sad. Constructive criticism, sure but how about keeping the worst of your unecessary bile to yourself and save me the scrolling?

  5. This show always struck me as a trashy piece of shite. I like Channel Ten but they can do better than this. Hope they stick a fork in it but unfortunately it’ll probably stick around for another 5 seasons.

  6. I found the ad where she is in the bath practically masturbating to be really inappropriate and I was very surprised it was allowed to air!

  7. Armchair Analyst

    @ Adam. Yeah she does come across as horny. Probably its a character representative of the majority of women in australia, who are horny yet indecisive and picky for the most part but mainly indesicive.

  8. On a big TV screen Asher Keddie’s wrinkles and ageing crustiness is amplified times a hundred!! the script writers should keep more clothes on her

  9. dont tell me we are going on this same ride again… last week was just another episode from last year but with different men.

    Come on John E. You can do better than this.

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