Oprah responds to complaints over diamond necklaces

Harpo Productions has responded to media reports today which claim fans had bombarded Facebook and Oprah fan sites to complain about not receiving their Argyle Diamond necklaces yet.

Fans were initially advised shipping would take place from April – June, hence the enthusiasm of fans to receive their gift (Oprah fans are, after all, a pretty enthusiastic bunch).

Harpo says the cut-off date for registration, and the final delivery date, was always June 30th.

Here is the statement in full:

In response to inaccurate stories circulating in the Australian media, Harpo Productions would like to clarify the status of distribution of the Sydney Audience gift of Argyle Diamond necklaces.

Audience members at the Sydney afternoon show on 14 December, 2010, received a voucher to redeem their gift of a diamond necklace provided by Argyle Diamonds. June 30, 2011 is the cut-off for people to register to claim their necklace. To date, almost all of the 6,000 audience members have registered.

The first group of 2,000 necklaces has already been sent out by registered post โ€“ people will receive a notification from Australia Post that the necklace has arrived and will need to visit their post office to collect it. The 303 US-based audience members will receive their necklaces next week.

According to a spokesperson from Harpo Productions, it was stated on the voucher for the necklaces that they would be delivered by 30 June, 2011, which is still eight weeks away.

โ€œMany of the necklaces have been sent and received, and Argyle Diamonds has assured us that any that remain will be sent in time to meet the promised date of 30 June. Those who have signed up will receive their necklace by the promised date,” the spokesperson said.

But there were also complaints about the necklaces being outsourced to China, rather than being Made in Australia, which hasn’t been addressed by Harpo.

Still, by the time they arrive no doubt most will have forgiven the manufacturing process. It’s a whole lot better than a showbag with a bumper sticker and a tea towel, after all.


  1. I am so ashamed that people are complaining. I was there and had the most fabulous adventure – what a privilege to even get a ticket. And then a gift!! Who cares where it’s made, what it’s worth or when it comes – it is called a Sentiment. A gift. How embarrassing that people, and Oprah may have seen these comments!!!

  2. I agree with everyone here! Stop the complaining! It was a Gift! Very embarrassing and greedy. Is there anyone out there who, like me, has 2 identical necklaces and would like to trade one. One was given to me and the other was given to my husband, who was my guest on the day. He won’t be wearing it much ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 2 diamond necklaces. Who would like to trade one of their pearl necklaces for a diamond one?

  3. I went to the Oprah show in Sydney …. and I was very grateful for the experience… the necklace was a bonus …. I don’t care how much it is worth or how long it is taking to be made and sent …. I will appreciate it as a momento to remind me of the fantastic experience I had at the show. I am truly disgusted at people’s attitudes and the mine, mine, grab, grab, anything for nothing syndrome. Wake up people and be truly grateful that you were even at the show (think about the 000’s of people of desperately wanted tickets to see Oprah and didn’t get them).

  4. I still have not got my necklace yet. It is correct that Rio Tinto has outsourced the production of the necklaces to China, to a Chinese firm. It is true that there are meant to be 7 Diamonds (small) “in the colours of Australia” on a white gold chain, and a white gold ‘O’. But apparently it is Silver now, and the little diamonds are less than 0.02ct… Obviously Oprah did not do due diligence with Rio Tinto, and Chow Tai took us all for a ride.

  5. casting couch

    “You’ll be getting more than just Oprah, audience members. You’ll also be getting this exquisite faux pearl necklace, a $99 value, as our gift to you.”

  6. Oh my god – these people can’t be serious! Are they? I wish I worked in the PR department of Harpo – my response would be somewhat shorter and to the point.

  7. How ungrateful.

    Those people should be ashamed. What about the flood victims who are still waiting for their payouts (both insurance and flood victim fund) so they can re build their lives? Don’t hear them making as much fuss as these fools squabbling about a necklace.

  8. Stranger than fiction

    If I ever meet one of these people….. There was one of them on MIX brekkky this morning banging on as if Oprah had skipped on a child support payment.

    It’s a Gift. Quit complaining about not recieving something that is being given to you for nothing in return and Shut the f*** up already . I don’t even like Oprah!


    I’m Alan Jones.

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