Returning: Harry’s Law

US drama Harry’s Law returns next week, but is bumped to a new time of 10:30pm Sundays.

It returns with Episode 10, “Send in the Clowns.”

Harry co-chairs an armed robbery case with an old flame. Meanwhile, the firm defends a drag queen who was fired from job when her affair with her boss is revealed.

It follows a new episode of The Mentalist at 8:30pm followed by a repeat.


  1. @ Rayne I do too! I feel like I record hours of tv that I don’t watch in case the eps start & finish late! Then I keep re-editing coz shows move! Grrr

    @ Secret Squirrel It annoys me that a repeat will rate higher! Hope HL would have been higher, will try to compare to last 9:30 HL to see…

  2. Typical of Free to air’s distain for their viewers. Thanks for the heads up David, I really like this show (although I agree it’s not of Boston Legal’s calibre), and probably would have missed it if not for this site 🙂

  3. it’s a shame Nine doesn’t have a catch up facility yet at this stage so that the fans can watch the following day what they couldn’t due to work the following day

  4. @J Bar: Because people would rather watch something they don’t have to switch their brains on for e.g. competitive reality crap.

    @Nik C: This is why I have a PVR and a VCR, so I can record all the good shows that get shafted to 10.30pm 🙂

  5. Wow it only has three or four episodes left. Surely it can play at 930pm. I think it is their only new drama that has a chance of being renewed, so they really should have tried to build an audience.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    @J Bar – because only clever people watch them?

    @Nik C – Going on past ratings I think that a repeat of The Mentalist prob will rate higher.

    @ddd – it might be following Boston Legal’s path but it isn’t as good as BL. It doesn’t have that “zing” or the same quirkiness or, more importantly, the great interplay between the characters of Crane, Shore, and Schmidt. Bates is good but she can’t carry the show on her own. I watched the first 4 eps before I’d seen enough.

  7. I am glad it will be back! Why air a Mentalist repeat at 9:30 when a new Harry ep would be better.

    I bet a Mentalist repeat will not rate any better!

    This logic fails me!

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