Returning: Merlin

UK fantasy series Merlin returns to TEN this Sunday night, replacing The Biggest Loser at 6:30pm.

Returning cast members include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, and Richard Wilson. John Hurt will recur in his role as the voice of the Great Dragon but is no longer one of the regular cast.

“The Tears Of Uther Pendragon, Part 1”
A year after her disappearance and when almost all hope is lost, Morgana returns to Camelot. Soon after, evil magic starts to take hold of the king’s mind, putting the safety of Camelot at risk.


  1. Yes, the season ended in the UK in December last year, and the DVD has also been released. I notice Ten has been promoting this season very hard in the past week or so, including sneak peeks, so I hope it rates well.

  2. Great news can’t wait to see this show again we need more shows like Merlin, Legend of the Seeker and Terra Nova not more cop, reality etc and also first episode of Merlin series 3 available to watch on the Ten website and to download off itunes.

  3. About time it returned!! Only thing is its on at the same time as Smallville on FOX8, same as when Legend of the Seeker was on FOX8. Must be a “fantasy programming” slot for channels like FOX8 and TEN.

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