Royal Wedding peaks at more than 5.7m

So how big was the audience that watched the Royal Wedding?

Very big.

With so much coding of programmes and sports interrupting the event, it has been hard to get an overview of just how big the audience was.

But taking a look at the numbers were at a moment in time gives a better picture.

At 8:15pm William and Kate were in the middle of their vows (7:45pm Adelaide, 6:15pm Perth). Here are the numbers that were watching at that time.

Sydney: 8:15pm
Seven: 745,000
TEN: 71,000
Nine: 513,000
ABC1: 359,000

Melbourne: 8:15pm
7TWO: 406,000
TEN: 157,000
Nine: 780,000
ABC1: 536,000

Brisbane: 8:15pm
Seven: 441,000
TEN: 94,000
Nine: 317,000
ABC1: 220,000

Adelaide: 7:45pm
7TWO: 128,000
TEN: 42,000
Nine: 182,000
ABC1: 128,000

Perth: 6:15pm
Seven: 287,000
TEN: 57,000
Nine: 113,000
ABC1: 154,000

That’s a total of 5.73m for that moment during the broadcast, and reflects a figure close to what the event might have peaked at.

Nine pulled big numbers in Melbourne and Adelaide due to Seven switching to 7TWO when AFL started at 7:30pm. But 7TWO nevertheless did a brilliant job in attracting viewers who switched from Seven.

By contrast Seven was victorious in Sydney, Brisbane and due to the time difference, Perth. When Nine’s NRL kicked in at 8:30pm in Sydney and Brissy not enough switched to GEM.

The figure also doesn’t include any ABC News 24 simulcast, Pay TV channels, Regional viewers or viewers watching in pubs, clubs and assorted wedding parties.

Since OzTAM ratings began in 2001 the top average audience was the 2005 Australian Open between Hewitt v Safin (4.04 million) and 2010’s MasterChef Australia: Winner Announced (4.03 million).


  1. What happened to Canberra and all the regional towns like Wagga et al? We were at a wedding dinner party of 20+, not all of whom would have been watching any TV at that time.

  2. Even I, as a devout republican, watched it, and I am impressed by the ratings.
    Also note that the figure would have been much higher to the preportion of people who actually watch TV, only 10 million or so people watch it on any given day. Also remember that that audience figure is only 5 city metro, as opposed to the full 22 million people.
    Added on that many people watching in bars and clubs and in rural areas that weren’t included, the actual figure could be easily 8 million nationally. That is a huge figure, I think the Sydney 2000 Olympics were watched by 7 million nationally, so put that in perspective.
    The Royals rated huge.

  3. I didn’t know that there was that many boring people in Australia who would watch this rubbish.Don’t people release that the royals are a dictatorship.

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