Seven News adding iPhone, IPad apps.

Seven News will be launching an iPhone and iPad application very soon.

The free app  follows other apps for Sunrise, plus news apps by ABC and network apps for TEN and ELEVEN.

There is a contest with 20 iPad2s up for grabs amongst those who register early at (update: Link now working!).

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  1. I’ve always had the problem with 7news of being redirected to WA The West even though I am in Melbourne. I think maybe it is because my ISP iinet is situated in WA. So I can’t download this app or enter the comp. Annoy as hell

  2. With Android devices now outselling iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices 2 to 1, It really doesn’t make sense for Seven to release the app just for the Apples.

  3. Daniel from the Communications Bunker

    Gees WA people are going to have a hard time using that link. The link to the 7 news iPad Competitions redirects to The West for a wonderful 404 error.

    Well done 7 for making your website useless

  4. Bruce Banner

    @JobbyWobby, probably because Apple’s iPad is so much better than any tablet device using Android. I’d say Seven’s main focus would be on iPad users rather than iPhone for this app.

  5. Jeremy I totally agree. The ABC iView app is brilliant and Channel 7 really needs to produce something very similar.

    I downloaded the Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’ app, and removed it immediately, that is how bad it was. The Seven News app would need to be a huge improvement on the Sunrise app.

  6. Channel 7 can flash around all the latest technology they want I’d doubt this will make thier news services anymore reliable or credible. Just the same old beat ups, sensaltionalism and celebrity scandals wev√© come to expect from 7news but in an iphone app.

  7. The only channel 7 app to offer full episodes is for The Amazing Race Australia. No PLUS7 app yet this is offered on TV’s and blu-ray players/

  8. This is silly. Release Seven Network app – with catchup TV from all 7 channels, news updates, and any content they want to show. The ABC iview app does this, and includes the live stream of News 24.

    I wouldn’t bother download one app per show.

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