TEN wins Thursday

With its MasterChef and Oprah combo, TEN took out Thursday night, nudging Seven into second and Nine into third place.

MasterChef topped the night with 1.46m viewers over RBT on 761,000 (is Getaway permanently shelved to GEM now?), How I Met Your Mother on 684,000, 7:30 / Catalyst ABC1 (625,000 / 574,000) and Italian Food Safari / Lyndey and Blair’s Taste Of Greece (242,000 / 234,000).

Oprah’s second part of her Finale won with 1.05m over ABC1’s Recipe For Murder (836,000), Grey’s Anatomy (799,000), Between the Lines (518,000) and Heston’s Feasts (324,000).

Law and Order: SVU (734,000) just pipped The Footy Show Nine (701,000) with Desperate Housewives on 595,000.

It was TEN’s best Thursday performance for the year.

Week 22


  1. @Brad
    I think that’s a bit harsh. Firstly the News at 5 ratings are very random. Some nights they are as high as 800k and others it’s just below 600K. Negus would do better if it weren’t for the encore. 7pm is still doing well considering the numbers for H&A were down a bit on their usual too.

    Does TEN have the capacity to take on Seven seriously? Sure it does, but the formula will take a while to set up. Keeping in mind it did take Seven many years to build up the right formula to take the crown away from Nine.

  2. So one week Nine wins Thursday night and TEN comes 3rd, the following week TEN wins the night and Nine comes 3rd. The only difference between the 2 weeks is the Oprah special.

    Either this shows Seven viewers stick with Seven no matter what, or that people are getting excited for TEN over a silly Oprah special.

  3. This is hardly a stunning victory. TEN wins on the back of its one-trick pony MC and an Oprah soecial that has a half-life of about another 9 hours. In addition they won on Thursday night which ia a much lower viewing night than Monday to Wednesday.

    TEN should be very concerned about the performance of their early evening schedule. The News has gone backwards, Negus’ figures are very ordinary and 7PM is down from where it was a year ago.

  4. Ch9 should have started a show like BTL on GO, see if it built up a cult audience, got the right mix of presenters and the correct format….and then….. launched it on ch9. Sometimes a soft launch gives you the breathing space to be a bit more creative…..and successful

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Could this be a resurgence for Ten, god i hope so because they desperatly need it. I think slowly but surely Ten will get back on its feet but it will take time.

  6. Nine had another AFL person on BTL last night. Surely they know with no NRL presence they immediately alienate a large part of the NSW and Qld audience???

  7. Regardless of whether TEN won the night or MasterChef is rating well the question that i think James Packer or Murdoch raised was that it wasnt generating enough financial gain , i wonder how that is going now.Ratings are one thing but cash flow is another.

  8. About time! With Masterchef now on, if the rest of their schedule had been up to scratch this could have been a more regular occurance. Shame they didn’t launch a new mainstream drama during this period.

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