Terra Nova returning to Queensland

Good news for Queensland as the high value of the Aussie dollar and weather don't stop Terra Nova from returning for more.

New FOX series Terra Nova will return to Queensland to resume filming.

Screen Queensland CEO Maureen Barron today welcomed the return of the cast and crew of the dinosaur series, to re-commence filming on the Gold Coast on May 25th.

“Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin, Terra Nova is an ambitious big-budget television series that Queensland and international audiences are impatient to see. We are thrilled to welcome back the production to complete filming of season one,” she said.

Terra Nova is very important to the Queensland production community at a time when there has been a drop in international production throughout Australia due to currency fluctuations and increased competition from international locations. It is the only international production currently in production in Australia.”

With the high value of the Australian dollar, there were some concerns the series may not return. Its debut season was also hampered by wet weather.

Filming of the first series began in November 2010 in south east Queensland, with locations in Brisbane’s CBD, Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, and the Gold Coast’s hinterland including the small town of Bonogin.

It will air in Australia on TEN.


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  1. Nooooo It can’ air on 10 because as I’ve stated elsewhere on this site given their past record with anything remotely Sci-Fi or Epic, It’ll probably debut at like 8:30pm Thursday which is fine But before episode 5 it’ll vanish to the ridiculousness of 11:30-12:30 or worse and that’s of course assuming they show it at all – If we’re lucky they’ll maybe roll it out next year but by then everyone who actually wants to see it will ave downloaded it and watched it several times already – Then 10 will b*tch and moan about the low ratings – Dúh – Before yanking it completely. Why couldn’t they just leave it the hell alone for FOX 8 to air?

  2. The location is Bonogin Rd and Smith Rd Bonogin…take a left on Smith Rd and it is about two k’s up the road on the left…It wasn’t fun to work on…probably the worst job I’ve ever worked on…and they are finishing the pilot and will shoot the first season in Australia.

  3. Has ten really picked this up? How did they manage to do that before the FOX sweeps which are usually early June? The only reports I’ve read say that ten are keen to pick it up, when it is available, not that they already have.

  4. South East Queensland – Northern NSW has more world heritage national park etc then the North and is a better location – very close to two airports and major infrastructure and places like Movie World. And Benogin is very tucked away.

  5. From what I read (it may have been here where I read it) they had only filmed the pilot episode, and were already way over budget. Not sure why they delayed the rest of the series shooting, but glad to hear they’re back on track as the show looks to be really amazing.

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