The Tunnel ready for legal download

Later tonight new Australian movie The Tunnel will be available for free legal download via Bit Torrent.

The film’s co-producers/writers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey will seed the file on the internet following a screening and Q&A with Andrew Denton in Sydney tonight.

It will also screen on Showtime at 10:30pm.

The Tunnel has attracted international and local interest based on its unique crowd-funding and not so traditional distribution model – the film is destined to reach the one of largest audiences ever for an independent film with a simultaneous release via the BitTorrent online network, a cinema release, 2-disc DVD set and an Australian Pay TV broadcast.

Enzo Tedeschi said, “Even though our unusual distribution model challenges the conventional way of doing things and many heavyweights in the industry will be watching this with interest, what is ultimately most important to us, is delivering a great movie to our fans. It is an awesome feeling to finally be so close to pushing it live for all of them to see what they have made possible.”

“Allowing our audience to own the film in as many ways possible from day one was a primary goal from the start. By going out on multiple platforms simultaneously, The Tunnel fans have the ultimate power to experience the movie in whichever way they choose. Even if it means, free” said executive producer and marketing director, Ahmed Salama of DLSHS.

You can check the release to the minute here.

The film will make its way to the big screen, from June 8th for four weeks at Hoyts EQ in Sydney.


  1. I was going to torrent it but then I read this article and saw that it is coming on Showtime.
    Like Helena, I have set my IQ to record it tonight on the Showtime HD channel!

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