Airdate: Being Human (US)

A week after Wilfred airs on ELEVEN, we’ll get to see what the Americans make of British horror drama, Being Human.

The series stars (pictured l to r) Sam Huntington as Josh, Meaghan Rath as Sally, and Sam Witwer as Aidan.

“There Goes The Neighborhood Part 1”
Aiden and Josh are just your typical vampire and werewolf , looking for a place to live. When they rent a house, they soon discover that the landlord’s dead fiancé is still very much around.

It begins 9:30pm Monday July 4th on ELEVEN following Supernatural.


  1. omg I loved the us version, I can wait till season 2 comes out… Will channel be showing season 2 also??????? Let’s hope so 🙂 can’t wait till July 4th 🙂

  2. Is this show worth watching? It looks rather interesting.

    I’m a fan of Skins and Misfits so maybe I should just stick with the British version. But the US one has more episodes per season and Mark Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost/Lucifer from Supernatural/Rita’s ex-husband Paul from Dexter). I’m not sure I’d want to watch both versions of the same show! Still haven’t touched Skins US, and don’t intend to.

  3. This American version blows the UK out of the water. These 3 actors are really hot and are perfect for the parts. The series starts a little slow but by mid-season ever show is 10. The season finally is off the scale.

    I don’t want to give it away but be prepared for the 10 year old vampire.

    Give it a chance and watch it you will end of really really liking the actors and the show.

    Keep an eye out for the really bizarre catch phrases they use every week. People have started lists of the one liners that will crack you up.

  4. My kids are fans of the UK version and have now seen the ads for the US version. Apart from their innocent questions about why another one is being made, they said they don’t like the look of it and they shouldn’t be copy cats!

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