Airdate: Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice

Nine has rescheduled Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice which was due to screen last Wednesday night.

It will now surface this Thursday night at 8:30pm.

Plans to screen a final fling for Between the Lines have been shelved (media reported it would get a last hurrah, but that is now out).

Nine has revoiced Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice with Jack Thompson replacing David Tennant’s Scottish accent.


  1. Yes we know that David, but we just want to know why they feel the need to changed to voice over? The majority won’t care either way, only e few will be more likely to watch it with a local voice over and some will just go else where for the original.

  2. I get quite annoyed with so called local voicevers its a waste of time, honestly!

    We all know that it isn’t Oz made, so why do it? Its a good gig to give if your an Oz actor needing a fat cheque to re read a script.

    All the networks are rather guilty on this, including ABC.

  3. I agree with Craig. I have preordered the DVD as I would prefer to watch it with no ads and with David Tennant’s voiceover. I will also record it but doubt I will watch it I would rather wait for the DVD.

  4. David I guess we all want to know why?

    Was it so we would feel more comfortable watching it?
    Or maybe Jack has a contract with Nine?
    I think they are once again failing to respect the viewers,
    What if Sir David Attenborough did the original VO, would they change it for someone local?

  5. FYI the DVD version without Jack or the annoying/endless ads will be out on DVD in July.

    Also some sites list this as ‘Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice’ others ‘Polar Bear: Spy in the Cold’ if you’re doing a Google search.

    I’ll still record this but not likely to watch it Thursday, sorry Nine you’ve done it again, taken a good show was messed with it. I guess what will happen next is they’ll delay or not show the second part.

  6. So double the reason not to watch. I wouldn’t watch it with David Tennant on Thursday. And the main reason I thought it was sad I couldn’t watch; just made me glad. I guess they never noticed at least 1 million Doctor Who viewers during his time as the Doctor. I’ve heard him before with his Scottish accent during a Mount Everest documentary. Had no problems with it.

  7. I agree with craig i also have nothing against Jack but i do hate it when they do this and nine seems to be the worst offender at doing this from memory they did this to some episodes of motorway patrol send in the dogs uk customs police ten 7 and now this but i should note be suprised it is the pathetic nine we are talking about

  8. Ah Thats whose voice it was – Jack Thompson. I knew it wasn’t Tennant. Thompson is as good as it gets in Australia though so it should still be decent. Having said that, it’s hard to enjoy nature docos without a British narrator for some reason I reckon. Must be all that David Attenborough as a child…

  9. I wanted David Tennant not Jack Thompson! Nothing against Jack but I hate when they do this, not sure if I’ll even bother watching it now 🙁

    And since it’s a late change with the printed guides done weeks ago they better promote it or the numbers will be crap?

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